17 August 2010

She pretty much leaves me speechless...

Thank you SO SO much to all who left a comment about swaddling! I sincerely appreciate each response. I swaddled Miss G up for her nap yesterday, and she slept so soundly in her crib for 3.5 hours! I don't know why I thought swaddling was just for night time. How great to have the blog to open up a question/conversation.
Thanks again!!
And, another request... please pray that Georgiana's acid reflux will heal up/end/not hurt her anymore! Poor little baby girl, between the heat and her spit up and crying through feedings, we thought it best to forgo many of our busy weekend plans and just stay local and focus on keeping her hydrated. So far so good, I never thought I would be so excited over wet diapers! We celebrate each one, and thankfully there have been many :) But, it is so hard to watch her be hungry and yet in pain trying to eat, rips my heart out. Especially, when little miss smiley calms down and instantly shows me her big grin. Despite her discomfort she is a joyful little one, and I thank the Lord for that!


Stefanie said...

she leaves me speechless too! I love her. Is she really waving?

Me... said...

O man I love her smile! what a cute little thing she is.