30 August 2010

Getting Caught Up...

Kelly, Georgiana and I have been taking quite a few family walks. She sports her gangsta sweatsuit while we roll thru the hood. Kelly refers to her little fists as "fists of fury!"
(don't worry, we fixed her seatbelt before we got moving)
Miss Georgiana has also discovered her Bumbo seat. She enjoys it quite a bit:
She's just hanging out, visiting and relaxing in her seat.

Family campfire! It started out with just Kelly and I, but Georgiana felt left out (or so it seemed via the monitor), so she joined us all swaddled up. She slept while we talked, and amazingly enough she didn't smell like campfire smoke! I however, was quite stinky. Of course, that night I felt too tired to wash up and went straight to bed. Gross, nothing like the aroma of smokey sheets! Why, oh why did I do that...
And, are you in love with my socks and flip flops :) Oh yeah, I was looking pretty snazzy!
Little side note, we got our campfire pit for free! Kelly and I had just been talking about buying one, but we really didn't want to spend $100 or so, so we held off.
The very next day after deciding not to buy one, we were driving out of our neighborhood and voila, an almost brand new fire pit with a beautiful "free" sign on it! We were on our way to my sister's party, so Kelly wasn't sure if I wanted to stop or not, thankfully we were actually on time if not early, so I quickly yelled "yes, stop, it is a blessing from the Lord!" It seriously was like mana just sitting out there waiting to be enjoyed. The owner was working out in his yard and informed Kelly he bought it last summer, used it once, and decided to do a built in fire pit this year. Thank you impulse buyer neighbor, you are the best! And, back to little Miss Georgie!
She smiles all the time, all the time. I love it! I think she smiles the most at her Aunt Tiffany :) Taye counted her smiles, "she smiles twenty times!" And, "hers has 9 eye lashes." He has "one thousand!" Taye also dances in front of her and says "Hey little Georgie, hey little Georgie, you love your big cousin..." And, you should hear him talk about his babies (brother Ryder & sister Hana), yep, he references "my babies" all the time. Too cute!
Lots of cuddling with daddy!
And, brace yourself, I am a aware I look... well, I look like I just got up and need an appointment with my shower. But, I couldn't resist showing you these pictures. We try to keep Georgiana vertical for 30 minutes or so after eating, it is supposed to help with her acid reflux. So, after her morning chow time, we read from her little Bible. Kelly saw this and got a kick out of it, because she really does act like she is paying attention. She looks at the pictures and makes all kinds of little sounds.
That is, until her daddy distracts her a bit too much :) Oh, and do you like how she is sucking her thumb! Oh dear, we have been trading thumb for paci quite frequently, but she loves to suck on her tiny little fingers.
Don't worry, we do get cleaned up! In the picture below, I just love her little facial expression. It is as though she wants to say "daddy please, enough with the flash!!!"
Much better:
She is so kissable!
Georgiana and I got to visit with my friend Carly. Georgiana was born on Carly's birthday, and that is just one of many similarities we have :) Carly and I have known each other since elementary school. She and her husband live in LA now, and are expecting their first baby (girl!) in December. We will definitely have to get together again and snap some more pictures. Although I love the one of us below, my Dwight Schrute bangs have got to go, and poor Georgie girl, why didn't I turn her around!?! Clearly she wants to join in on the picture :)
And more cuteness:
Taye asked if he could hold Georgiana and get his picture taken. He informed me this pose was "just like Santa."
Other bits...
I am addicted to Legendary Doughnuts. Pregnancy it was Taco Time, post prego it is doughnuts. Because of this problem, I am becoming a pro at recommendations. Try the Banana Split. It is consistently superb. Yep, consistently means I've sampled it on more than one occasion. Wonder why my pants are still so tight...
Mac & Cheese...
Have you seen the Kraft Mac & Cheese (homestyle) commercial?
Click here.
The little girl totally caught my attention, I had to rewind it and show Kelly. Perhaps she is already working like crazy and I've just never noticed. But, if not, I would say watch out for this little one, she is super talented. Keeping her face so still and then that little eyebrow nod. Man, she's good.
Anyone have a eyebrow waxing recommendation? I would rather have a boring non blogworthy appointment than have an oh my word my eyebrows are gone, but at least I can blog about it moment.
Lastly lastly...
Oh how I wish I had pictures! My sister and her three little ones had a two night sleepover at my house. There were many adorable moments, but one that took the cake was when Hana and Georgiana were laying next to each other kind of propped up on a pillow. Little Hana discovered Georgiana's head and thought it looked pretty tasty. Hana started sucking like crazy! Georgie wasn't too sure how she felt about it, but she wasn't upset. When I picked her up, poor Hana was making faces because of the hair in her mouth and the entire side of Georgie's head was soaked! Oh how I love them!


Stefanie said...

ADORABLE!!!!! And I love the new firepit!!

Christie C. said...

Love these :) She has the sweetest smile!

I've been meaning to ask you how you knew Carly, we went to HS together!

Robin said...

that girl is good, indeed! I just watched it...twice. i'm going to try and talk cool like her from now on. =) thinking of you as you go back to work in a few days!

Charity said...

Georgie is soo cute! She looks a lot like you too :)

e said...

campfire! stat!