24 September 2010

Georgie Girl!

Her little hand is up, as though to say... Enough pictures mommy, I'm trying to eat!
Oh my little doll baby! Two weeks ago my cousin Makenzie was staying with me and we tried to put these pants on Georgiana and they fell right off. It's amazing to me how fast she grows.
First day of Fall equalled first pair of jeans, with ruffles of course :)

She's a big fan of mirrors. The bathroom mirror keeps her a happy camper during bathtime.
Kelly has nicknamed her "Smiles."
Hope you have a great weekend!


Our growing family said...

simply adorable! She is a little doll baby!
That hat is way too cute!!!!

CKSC said...

SOOOO cute:) How can you nit smile back and that huge grin?? Love it.

Robin said...