05 October 2010

A bit of news...

I resigned.

A couple of weeks ago, I took an awful 911 call involving an infant the same age as Georgie. Normally, by the time I get home I can hardly remember the calls I took that day. But, as a new mommy this one hit me, more like blind sided me, much differently. So, after taking some time to think, pray, and crunch some numbers, I am very very excited to have a new position working 24 hours a day making a modest salary of $0.00... I am officially a full-time stay at home mom!

I cannot express how thankful I am for this opportunity. And, for all you working moms, you are the bomb dot com. That's right, my very short time attempting the juggling act of work and home gave me a new respect for those who successfully do it week after week.

I've seen a common thread of money saving tips on many blogs. I've always been a bargain lover, and with my new job :) I plan to embrace my love of bargains even more. So, please do not hesitate to point me in the direction of savings. I welcome your help! Yesterday, after taking the time to clip coupons before grocery shopping, I was quite disappointed when upon returning home and looking at my receipt I realized the cashier did not scan over half of them! Serious bummer. She did muffle "these store coupons never want to go in." I of course assumed she would ignore their desires and force them "in" the system. However, she was apparently very distracted by the industrial size jar of pickles that was accidentally dropped by the cashier behind her. Oh how I do love a pickle. But, oh how an entire jar of them spilled on the floor reeks like you would not believe! My nose hairs are still burning.

I'll be back soon with pictures. After all, what is a post without a pic...


Our growing family said...

OH!!! That sounds so tramatic!! I would be crying for weeks! I think a job like that would be very hard on me.
I'm excited that you have a new job though! I have no doubt in my mind that you will do amazingly well with saving money! You are so good at stuff like that! My biggest suggestion (and the hardest for me) is to just try not to spend money! =) Each day you don't spend, you just saved that days worth of Kelly's income!
Can't wait to hear more adventures in saving!
(Have you visited moneysavingmom.com ?)

Melissa said...

I love moneysavingmom.com! I also follow thecouponproject.com! Nicole I would love to get together and think of money saving ideas. I'm doing the same thing but somehow I haven't figured it all out yet. I have about a months worth of coupons saved up so far. Email me.. missyscollins@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Conratulations on the most fulfilling job you will ever have! Give my favorite little niece a hug, I miss little Georgie!
~Your Sister

Jennie said...

Yay! Congrats on the new "job", I think it is the most rewarding one around. Also, as far as money saving, have you considered cloth diapers? I have a couple almost new/new that I'd love to pass on to you!