26 October 2010

Tasty Toes & The Catnap Queen!

Miss Georgiana Lee absolutely loves her toes! She seizes any and every opportunity to pop those little piggies in her mouth. It is Kelly's current favorite thing, and I must admit it cracks me up too. Especially when she is eating her rice cereal in her swing, and then takes her sticky little hands, grabs her toes, and then proceeds to try and suck cereal off of them.
In addition to toe sucking and cereal eating, Georgie has conquered her first cold, and is currently battling her second one. She and I had a more or less mild cold last week, and just as we were feeling better, Kelly brought home a nasty cold from work. It hit Kelly and Georgie first, and now I'm dealing with it. Poor little Georgie, I just wish I could teach her how to blow her nose. Instead, we have a Vick's plug in, elevated/slanted crib, saline spray, nasal bulb thingy, and lots of snuggles. She is napping now, and I pray she makes it past the infamous 45 minute mark. I've talked with a few friends about this 45 minute wake up time, has anyone else dealt with this, or have any tips? For the past few weeks, she stirs and completely wakes up about 45 minutes after going to sleep, as of now I have not been successful getting her back down. I've heard and read that at about the 45 minute mark is when a baby will either stir or enter deep sleep. I imagine deep sleep naps would really help her kick this cold to the curb...
I'm also thankful that it is just a cold. While we were at our pediatrician's walk in clinic Sunday, there was quite the commotion. As Georgie was lying on the scale, a doctor yelled I need a scalpel! She then came running into the hall and began searching frantically in a drawer and muttered something about possibly not even carrying such and such type of tool. She then directed the nurse weighing Georgie to rush to room #6. The nurse said "I have a baby on the scale." I assured the nurse I could scoop Georgiana up, and away the nurse and the rest of the staff went. I returned to our room, where Kelly and I listened to the somewhat organized chaos going on outside our door, and waited patiently with our own little patient. Georgie didn't seem to mind the wait, she ate and played and rested in our arms. Kelly and I passed the time by laughing at the fact that both of us had dry spit up all over our dark jeans, and neither of us even cared. By the time we left, my scarf and shirt matched my jeans. I'll take spit up over a scalpel any day.


Ashleigh_Jason said...

Hey Nicole! In regards to naps, according to the book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" 45 minutes is the minimum amount of sleep a nap should be...so while it's not as helpful to Mommy as those fabulous LOOONG naps, according to that book, she should be getting all the deep sleep she needs in that 45 minutes. But, ever "expert" seems to have their own unique opinion!! Hopefully she starts to feel better soon!

Nicole Lee Smith said...

Thanks Ashleigh! That "expert" advice does make me feel better about her deep sleep :)