21 November 2010


I'm guessing that most if not all of you lovely readers already get a daily Groupon email. But, just in case you are a little late in the game (like me, I am new to the groupon group), I wanted to encourage you to sign up! In the last few days I have bought a $50.00 Nordstrom Rack Gift Certificate for only $25.00, and today... $20.00 at Taco Time for only $10.00!! It is no joke people, it's like Groupon is picking out my favorite things and offering amazing deals on them. Oh my word, what if next week is a gift certificate to The Met... I'll try not to day dream too much :)

PS - today is Georgie's first snowy day!


Kirsten said...

Augh...I love Groupon. Nick found it a couple months ago and I didn't think it was real. He was freaking out about it and I was like "Yeah, whatever." But it has been awesome! I'm definitely gonna get me some of that Nordstrom Rack.

Ashleigh_Jason said...

I'm so excited because TODAY LA finally got the Nordy's Rack groupon! I kept seeing facebook posts from my Seattle and San Fran friends raving about such a great deal and I was sitting at a groupon for 74% off a picture with Santa...lame. But TODAY it finally came and you can bet your booty that I snatched that Nordstrom Rack Groupon up just as fast as I could!...maybe next week they'll have an In n Out groupon!