20 November 2010

The Royals

It is truly embarrassing how long I can distract myself with reading about the above pair. Seriously, Georgie and Kelly are sleeping and that is so what I should be doing. I'm logging off the world wide web for real this time!


Kari said...

I follow the EE Robbins Facebook page, and yesterday they posted about the official engagement of these two. I'm guessing you already knew this, but he proposed with the ring his mom {Princess Di} had as her engagement ring {the lovely sapphire ring that has become known as the "Princess Diana" setting}. How sweet is that?

Ashleigh_Jason said...

I'm guilty as well...I'm already excited to watch the big event on TV...since we missed the LAST royal wedding! So fun! I remember talking about the Royal Family over holiday dinners growing up....so obsessed with them! I'm blaming it on the fact that my Mom looks a LOT like Princess Di so we all felt a bit connected haha.

Robica said...

Did you happen to catch the Dateline special last week? "A Royal Love Story". I was choked up the entire 1 hour special.