16 December 2010

Seaside, OR

We escaped to the ocean for a few days and had a blast! Our condo overlooked the ocean, and I could honestly just sit and look at the waves all day long. Georgiana seemed to have a great time, except when she was all bundled up, she didn't smile until we took off her hat and mittens, poor girl. I think I was roasting her. I always apologize to her, tell her I'm still learning, and then warn her that I am going to "still be learning" for... forever.

There's a little smile:
We shopped, don't the words "tax free" make you so happy :) Tax free plus outlet mall, good times. We cooked and ate out 50/50. We struck out on a couple of restaurants, but ended on a good note. Doogers. I ordered the grilled salmon sandwich with sweet potato fries, delish! One morning Kelly made apple pancakes (I promise to get the very very easy recipe on the blog asap, I just don't know the measurements). Lots of giggles, naps, walks on the promenade, just good ol' family time. Kelly and I have always enjoyed sneaking away in December, it's nice to get away during the craziness of the Christmas season and go enjoy another town's decorations and festivities, far away from to do lists and responsibility.
Home is good too though, it will be a busy but joyous and fun week filled with the normal baking, wrapping, eating, plus a birthday party, wedding, visiting santa, zoo lights, and visits from out of town friends. Wowza, I better go rest up! Hope you are enjoying this Christmas season!


K. Amburgey Photography said...

Oh how I love that last picture!! She is absolutley gorgeous. Will look forward to the recipe :)

Lindsey said...

look at those eyes... and those lashes. i love her. xo. :)