20 December 2010

This, That & Menu Monday

Power outage from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. Oh dear, oh dear indeed! Georgie Girl eating prunes by the fire. Me, feeling a little gross and over the camping inside experience. But, thankful for heat from our gas fireplace and the comfort of my robe, or kimono as Kelly calls it.
Saturday night wedding. It was at a beautiful 2 story barn in Chehalis. We met friends for a birthday Sushi lunch and then carpooled down to the wedding. The guy's pointed out that Cabela's was conveniently along the way, so we made a stop. I must say, it was quite the store! My friend Kea said it looked a lot like the Great Wolf Lodge inside. And, Georgiana loved the aquarium. Next up was a Starbuck's stop. And, although we were off to eat at the wedding (BBQ, yum), we couldn't resist a slice of pumpkin loaf. I could eat a slice every single day, and as weird of a combo as it may sound, it goes quite well with my tall soy peppermint steamer with whip.
Below, is Georgie's favorite thing to do. Reach. Reach. And, you guessed it, more reaching. She lets us know who she wants to hold her, she will reach two handed for me or Kelly (or my Grandparents) and reach out to where she wants to go. She loves to reach for the Christmas tree and touch the branches. Oh, and baby kisses. She lays them on us, and I never knew I could love being slobbered on so much! Slobber away Georgie, I melt every time. And, I don't even mind the wet cheek. Especially as they are now coming unsolicited, I guess all those times I oh so subtlety put my cheek right up against her little face worked :)
Now for the Food:
On my last menu Monday I listed Danica's French Dip, and oh my word it was delicious!!! I really do not understand how something relatively simple tastes so yummy, but we enjoyed it so much that we are cooking it again tonight for some friends coming to dinner.
I've also decided that although planning out 6-7 meals is a great way to have a productive grocery shopping trip, we never end up cooking all of the meals. So, I'm going to plan 4 (maybe 5) meals per week. Cook up larger portions, eat leftovers, send leftovers with Kelly for lunch (his fav), or freeze away for quick meals on busy or lazy nights. Inevitably we eat out, have dinner with family or friends, or Kelly works late and I just eat something simple. And, if it comes down to it, my pantry is almost always ready for a tuna melt, simple pasta, or the Costco salmon dinner.
This week, my primary focus is baking! But, we still have to eat dinner, so tonight is French Dip, and tomorrow I am going to make a big ol' crock pot of Tortilla Soup and probably eat that Wednesday night too.
I originally got my recipe from my friend Anne (hi Anne!), I know she has posted it on her blog too, it is one of those recipes you cannot mess up. My favorite kind! So, here is my take on it, if I don't have something I just go without. I got the veggie ideas from my friend Robin (hey there Robin & Brynn!), she brought us this meal when Georgiana was born, we loved it!

Tortilla Soup (freezes great):
2 Cans (not drained) Pinto Beans
2 Cans (not drained) Black Beans
1 Can Diced Tomatoes (tomorrow I'm using fire roasted)
1 Can Whole Kernel Corn
1 Cup Salsa
I add a cup or so of water
3 or so Whole Chicken Breasts
Sliced Carrots, Celery, I've even added spinach at the end of cooking just for some more veggies
I season with cumin, a little garlic, chili powder and sometimes a pinch of cayenne.

Cook this on high for 4-5 hours in your crock pot, take chicken out, shred chicken, put chicken back, stir up, heat up for another hour or so, and eat up! You can add the following, again whatever you have on hand:
Tortilla Chips (kind of a must for "tortilla" soup)
Shredded Cheese
Sliced Avocado
Sour Cream
Kelly adds more salsa
I like olives
Maybe some cilantro

Thursday is Christmas Adam, celebrating this year with Kelly's family for dinner.
Friday Christmas Eve, munching away with my family.
Saturday is a Christmas Feast at my Grandparents.

Happy cooking and baking!


Robin said...

yum...that soup is so good! Might be on my menu next week and I sure love that crock pot! Georgie is SO cute- I want to see her again! Brynn just started reaching a couple months ago and now is on to pointing which is about the cutest thing ever! So glad your'e enjoying your days with her! And um...there is NO way I'd post a picture of myself after 3 days of no power since it would probably also mean no hot water and no shower. But you my friend look incredible even still! How do you do it?! =)

K. Amburgey Photography said...

yum yum yum, thanks for the easy tortilla soup recipe! I'm always looking for something flavorful that includes chicken...will give it a try :)