05 January 2011

Christmas Eve!

Our Christmas Eve is chalk full of traditions! We have the ever famous and always entertaining pajama picture:
The grandkids in our family have been receiving pjs on Christmas Eve for well over 50 years, and a pj pic in front of the tree has been going on for just as long!
Now that so many of the cousins are 'grown ups,' we also take a cousin pic. We celebrate every year with my Papa's twin brother and his family, as well as in laws and friends. It is a crazy, fun, yummy and cheerful shindig!
Above is the cousins plus spouse plus babies plus in laws plus friends pic and below is just the cousins picture.
Georgie, Grandma & Papa:
Yep, those are her toes she is sucking on:
Kelly, aka the Paparazzi, getting a nice aerial shot, post $15.00 white elephant exchange, you can see everyone's loot :)
FIVE new babies in our family!!!
What did we ever do before having all these precious and wild little ones!?!

Ashley, I'm thinking profile pic:
All done for the night, love those babies!

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