06 January 2011

New Year's Eve

For New Year's Eve we headed to a Texas Hold em' Poker Party, hosted by friend's from church. When we pulled up to their house, my jaw dropped at the size of their Christmas tree, it was gigantic and I loved it! I am talking at least 25' tall!!
We snacked on lots of tasty appetizers, drank punch, and Georgie and I watched poor Kelly loose in poker. We planned to only stay a couple of hours, but Georgiana was giggling and having a good ol' time. She especially enjoys watching older kiddos run around. She kicks her legs and gets so excited, sometimes she wiggles in my arms, like set me down I want to go play!
We finally left around 10:00 pm, Georgie was out within 5 minutes of driving. She slept in her pack in play in our room, our neighborhood celebrates with lots of fireworks and hooting and hollering, I didn't want her to wake up scared. Ha! Silly first time mommy, she was out for the whole thing!
Last year we were sleeping by 9:30 pm, Kelly had to work super early the next day and I was a very tired prego. I would have never thought we would be out goofing and laughing later with Georgie than when it was just the two of us!

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Our growing family said...

That is too funny!! She is a party-girl!
That tree is awesome!