12 February 2011

Highs & Lows

I got this idea from one of my favorite blogs (link here). Her name is Darby, I don't know her in 'real life,' but from the blog world I can tell you... she cooks with real butter, speaks boldly and lovingly about Jesus, has adorable children, beautiful pictures and creative posts that make me smile.
Here's my take on it!
This past Monday Kelly and I, along with 3 other couples, started studying the above book. We have only completed the first chapter, and I am already so excited! Our first meeting was so much fun, great fellowship, tasty food (an Italian potluck), some of the best cheesecake I have ever had, and a time to dig deep and focus on our marriages. Kelly and I are thrilled to have the opportunity to host it in our home. It also helps with following some of my Grandma's advice. She has told me that the best way to keep a clean house is to have people over, my Grandma is a very wise woman, and thankfully I have a very loving husband to help accomplish that mission:
In prep for Monday, Kelly picked up our two folding tables from my grandparents' house. On the way home one of the tables flew out, no where to be found! Bummer, but thankfully we all comfortably fit around one. Another low-ish moment was realizing how truly messy I had let our house get. I felt discouraged and buried under the mess. Thankfully, we worked as a team and kicked the mess to the curb and our house has stayed clean all week. Things we've done differently this week, made our bed every morning, immediately (or as soon as possible) put dishes in the dishwasher, picked up Georgie's toys every night (even when I am tired and think, I'm just going to get them out tomorrow). There is something really nice about waking up to a picked up house.

Kelly says he can notice a difference in me, like a weight has been lifted. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there will be messy lows in the future, but I am happily enjoying the low turned high of a clean house this week. This weekend we are tackling the office, aka the place that houses all of our junk, I am looking forward to saying adios to a garbarge bag or two!

Kelly's running shirt reminds me of another Low, P90X. This should be a high right!?! Nope. Not when you can only complete 35 minutes and are so sore the next day that you are walking like the dear 92 year old hostess from the ever famous Chinese restaurant I blogged about a couple posts below. I am very late in jumping on the P90X train, but oh my word is it an intense one. I started with plyometrics, I don't think I've done plyometrics since early high school. Wowza.
Another High/Low is Kelly's job. I am continually so grateful that he has a job that he loves. I am very aware that that is indeed a rare thing. I am also ever so thankful that he is excelling at his job. He was recently promoted to an Assistant Team Leader (ATL) position on the SWAT team! Go Kelly!!! However, with more responsibility come more hours away from home. SWAT training weeks are hard, we just completed another one. I say we because as pathetic as it sounds, they exhaust me too. Georgiana and I miss Kelly when he is gone, as you can tell from the pictures above, Georgie definitely loves her daddy. Evenings Kelly is home, he tackles bath time, and Georgie giggles and splashes like crazy. It is a toss up for who enjoys it more. When he is gone and Georgie realizes it is a mommy bath night, she actually looks bummed out. No joke, she looks visibly disappointed. I do my best to be goofy with her, but it is hard to compete with the goofiness of Kelly.
One more Low:
Missing out on the opportunity to make $3,500.00 in one day, simply because I did not check my email! Yep, that was definitely not a highlight of my week. Kelly has suggested for quite sometime that I upgrade my cell service and get the internet on my phone, at least to have my emails sent to me. The reason I haven't is simple, I am too cheap. Well, by trying to save $30.00 a month, I missed a last minute industrial video email from my agent, thus resulting in the loss of a lot of cash. Thankfully, Kelly is not nearly as frugal as I am, we usually balance each other out, but I am thinking I need to listen to his advice a bit more. Hmm... maybe that book is working already :) Anyway, I emailed my agent back and gave her a call, letting her know that I still live in the dark ages and do not check my email as often as I should. Cest la vie.
Well, I realize I didn't do a very good job of staying on track with the High/Low theme. I think I may ramble too much for this idea... Anyway, I am thankful for a week where there are not really too many lows, I am well aware that real lows come along, so I am just going to enjoy this week of mostly highs and go with it!
ps - I feel like I should end on a high... a close friend of mine mailed Georgie and I the sweetest Valentine's Day card and cookies. The cookies were wrapped up so cute, I totally intended to take a picture, but I was too much of a piggy and ate them too fast. With virtually everything being on the internet, there is something super special about a snail mail package. I feel blessed to have a friend who takes the time out of life's crazy crazy schedule to go to the post office and send a note, it may sound simple, but it means a lot. I need to remember that :)


Our growing family said...

love that you looked for highs-that's the best way to live! =)
That is a great book! I did find that at times he seemed repetative, but still really great stuff!! I need to read another marriage book...they are a good tune up every once in awhile! =)
That is awesome about kelly's promotion!!! KUDOS!!!
I too love inviting people over to help motivate me to deep clean! =) Your gma is a wise woman!
hope you all are doing well and have a great vday!

Ashleigh_Jason said...

Nicole- I love this post for many reasons:
1. I love that you don't actually KNOW Darby...I've found her blog through YOUR blog and I love it. I assumed you knew each other somehow, but I find comfort in knowing you love her just as much as i do, and you've never met :) haha
2. I wish we lived closer (I'm working on this...) Jason works crazy long hours too and it would be SO nice to have a fellow new mom friend who understands the life of a husband who works more than he's at home.
3. Again, wishing we lived closer- we could lean on each other about the house cleaning...Jason is a clean freak so he's ON me about cleaning up every day...if your house was a little less clean I'm sure I would find comfort in that, and maybe you would find motivation in my MUCH too clean home! haha!

Great post :) Thanks!!