14 February 2011

Menu Monday (red meat)

Good Morning & Happy Valentine's Day!!

I have a few thoughts on Menu Monday, first off I am really enjoying menu planning. I am loving how much easier it is to whip up a meal when I already have everything on hand. That being said, my weeks never ever go according to plan (I'm okay with that), but I think I will just continue with my weekly menu lists (more like menu ideas) behind scenes.

As for the blog... I was thinking each Monday I will post a certain type of recipe. I am a lover of themes, and so I am going to try to do a different theme each week, now through March and see how it goes. Please join along any or all weeks, and if you would be so kind I would absolutely love it if you left a comment/link to your blog so I could take a peak at yours too!

I'll post the game plan on the side of my blog, and I'll do my best to stick to it. As for today, it is one of my red meat favorites. I know there are a lot of thoughts on red meat, but I really like it. I don't eat it every day or even very often, but when I do I tend to enjoy every bite. My all time favorite is filet mignon from The Metropolitan Grill, I also like Taco Time's beef soft tacos, and at home I really really enjoy Italian Beef in a Bucket!

Ha, I know the title doesn't sound that appetizing, but it is delicious. I've cooked it a time or two, or lots more than that... the basic recipe is from allrecipes.com, click HERE, and here are my adjustments. I'm wordy by nature, so it may sound involved, but I promise you it is super easy:

- I think I use more than 1 can of broth, I use the boxed beef broth and it is bigger than a can, I like to make sure the roast is covered.
- When the beef is done, I pull it out and set it aside on a plate/platter. Then, using a slotted spoon I get out all of the veggies and pepperchinis and put them along with some broth into either a blender or food processor. (you may want to take the stems off of the pepperchinis before cooking, and if you are sensitive to spicy foods I would just use the peppers and not the juice from the jar and add broth in its place)
- I blend those veggies up and use them as a spread on the bread. Speaking of bread, I like to use Ciabatta rolls from Costco. I slice the rolls up, spread the veggie blend on, maybe add some horse radish, then I load one side of bread up with beef, put a nice slice of provolone, gouda or mozzarella (I've tried all three and have no preference, they all taste good to me) and cook or broil it in the oven until the cheese is melted.
-Lastly, I like to use some of the broth for dipping the sandwiches, like an au jus. I strain it and try to not think about the run off from the roast, I tell myself it is like eating gravy or stew.

You know how Rachel Ray always says "you could even entertain with this..." Well, that's how I feel about these sandwiches. Serve these bad boys up with some salad and sweet potato fries, yummers!

-one more thing, I've cooked potatoes & carrots with it for a side, it works pretty well. Especially if you don't want to have to cook up your sides separately :)

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tiffany jeanne said...

i just caught up on your last few posts...and completely echo your feelings on a tidy home. I feel stress and anxiety when my house is a disaster :) Good luck on your office. I recently did mine before kory left and it quickly became one of my favorite spaces. :)

I might read that book you guys are doing for bible study and then pass it along to kory. it looks good!

happy valentines day!