21 February 2011

Menu Monday (crock pot)

Happy Menu Monday! Today is all about slow cookers, I just discovered this recipe out of my Betty Crocker cookbook last week, and I've already cooked it twice! It is super easy and super tasty, my fav :)
Here is a variation of the recipe, click HERE. The recipe in the cookbook was a little different, and I changed up a couple of things, here you go:

I put salt & pepper on the pork roast and then sealed in the juices rather quickly using my new (from Christmas) wok. The linked recipe says 6-10 minutes, both times I did it it only took a couple of minutes total.
The first time I cooked the pork, I was a little weirded out about cooking it in root beer. But, I just kept thinking of yummy recipes like beer chicken or beer battered fish. I'm glad I tried it, because it was delish. Today when I cooked it, I didn't have any root beer so I substituted chicken broth. It cooked up just fine, but the root beer definitely has more flavor.
Both times I cooked this I used chives instead of onions.
I also LOVE the minced garlic from Costco. Tastes fresh and saves me time!

The pork shreds SO easily! After shredding it, I just put it in a big bowl and tossed it with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce! (I've never made the sauce linked with the recipe)
I like to use whole wheat buns and put coleslaw right on the sandwich. Serve this bad boy up with some sweet potato fries (by the way, I conquered my fear and made them, easy easy, love it!) and you got yourself a mighty fine meal!
I'm hoping some fellow bloggers share a slow cooker recipe or two! It really is so nice to throw something in the crock pot in the morning and not have to worry about dinner as the day is winding down. Plus, isn't it so nice to come home from work or errands and smell something cooking!?! The March issue of Real Simple has some tasty looking slow cooker recipes, I might give the lasagna a try...

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