20 February 2011

A New Week...

Every morning we peak out the windows to see if the mountain is out. Often in the great Northwest the giant mountain is hidden in grey. However, this morning the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. Simply serene...
Ha! Until we realized the chirping birds were coming from our microwave/hood vent!!!! Yes, it seems there is a family of birds living in our vent thingy. Oh, and not just any birds chirping away, Kelly and I both heard a very distinct "cock a doodle doo," and looked at each other with the same what in the world expression! Of course, Kelly was volunteering/working today, so the poor little birdies are going to have to wait until tomorrow. Kelly suggested I call an exterminator, but doesn't that sound harsh? Kelly's going up on the roof tomorrow, and I am hopeful of a catch and release experience for him. We shall see, I fear he does not feel as tender hearted about our winged house guests as I do.
To top off our beautiful morning, Kelly decided 6:00 am was the perfect time to deep clean under our kitchen sink. We are really taking this whole keep the house clean thing seriously.
Ha again! Exhibit A:

While Georgie and I tried to sleep this morning, I heard Kelly making a ruckus downstairs. Thankfully, I am (and will probably always have to be) working on holding my tongue and speaking out of love. So, I resisted the urge to go into the kitchen and ask him (ever so kindly I'm sure) what in the world he was doing!?! I say thankfully, because Kelly was rescuing our floors and cabinets from water damage. It appears we have a leak, a giant leak of sorts.
Tomorrow should be a fun day, birds (possibly a rooster) and leaks. Good times :)
I guess I'll just remember how great last week was and go with the flow this week.
Last week:
I'm not the only one with a habit of holding her:
This is how my helper often keeps busy in the kitchen:
Georgie girl and Kelly, normally Kelly doesn't hold Georgie while in uniform, too many germie bugs. But, Kelly got all cleaned up and put on his fancy pants (don't worry, my description not his) uniform for an awards ceremony. He received a certificate of merit for his work on a high priority incident, Georgiana and I were very proud of Kelly and we all had a fun time celebrating!
Lastly, have you ever had these?
It was one of those, "Kelly, are you sure you didn't eat more than one?" Thinking, please tell me you ate more than one. Nope, it was all me, I devoured these cookies. And, the way it's going I may just need a bag for this week :)

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