03 March 2011

Menu Monday (Vegetarian) & a Virus

This is posting super late because Sunday evening as I was working on it, my computer got a mess load of viruses!!! Thankfully, a good friend saved our wallet from the Geek Squad and fixed it up for us. Praise the Lord for tech savvy friends :) Now, for the post I was working on last Sunday...
Last week I ventured out of my comfort zone a bit and made the above burritos (photo courtesy of allrecipes.com). They are called Addictive Sweet Potato Burritos. Kelly is not at all addicted to them, and has very politely let me know that if I never make them again he is and will be 100% ok with that. In defense of the recipe, I used refried beans instead of whole beans, changed up the spices a bit, and used whole wheat tortillas. I have decided I am a white flour tortilla girl (or spinach or sun dried tomato), through and through. Last week, I used whole wheat pizza dough for homemade pizza (added some fresh spinach leaves between the sauce and cheese, loved it), I also used whole wheat buns for another meal, but when it comes to tortillas... please bring the carbs.

I liked the burritos, I would like to try them again and maybe follow the recipe more precisely.
If you have any tried and true vegetarian recipes I would love to hear about them! I was definitely raised in a meat and potato family, so when I hear friends cook a meatless meal or two a week, I am genuinely curious...
Now, for a recipe Kelly did become addicted to:

Cake Truffles!
These are a borrowed recipe from a well known blog (Kelly's Korner), link here. She calls them cake balls, but I liked the ring of truffle better :) I made mine with a Betty Crocker yellow cake mix, chocolate frosting, and instead of almond bark I mixed and melted 1 bag of milk chocolate chips and 1/2 a bag of semi-sweet. I will definitely be tucking this recipe away to be used again!
Other randoms, Georgiana and I were getting cabin fever last week with the snow, so one morning we kept busy by moving the living room furniture into the dining room and vice versa. So far we are all loving the new arrangement! You can see a bit of our progress in the below picture, you can also see that 18 months after moving into our house I still need to put pictures into frames. Someday...As for life, a couple of posts ago I talked about how blessed I feel, and how easy peasey things were going. I half jokingly told Kelly that that was a recipe for disaster. Well, I still feel blessed, but definitely not bored. On top of the computer virus, our refrigerator/freezer broke, not the "fancy" (j/k) one in our house, but our storage one in the garage, one we had to buy in California because most of the rentals do not have refrigerators (weird!). Our feathered friends are still living above our now possibly breaking microwave (surprisingly unrelated), one reason the birds still occupy the vent is because Kelly was sick last week. 3 prescriptions and 4 sick days in a row sick. On top of being sick he was very busy testifying as a witness in a rather stressful trial. What else...
Oh, one of our couches broke. The recliner was refusing to shut, we encouraged it to close, and now it is permanently damaged. But, this one was definitely a blessing. The couches (we have 2 matching ones) are from Costco, and after a quick phone call, Kelly arranged to return both of them! I was never super fond of their appearance, so I am rather excited about shopping for new furniture.
So, there you have it, the craziness of life has returned. I knew it would, because as the Grandma in the movie Letters to Juliet said, "life is the messy things."
And, about that movie, I loved it. We just rented it last week, we are one of the families that the redbox company loves, we get a movie and forget to return it for days!!! Anyway, before we watched it I warned Kelly that we were going to be able to call everything in advance, I was guessing there would be no surprises. I was right, and during one of the last scenes I said "brace yourself for the cheesiness, he is going to climb up to the balcony." He did climb, and I love that he did. I would gladly watch that movie again and again. As for Eat Pray Love, no thank you. Julia Roberts' character travels to three countries, I only made it to one. I was in the mood for the Italy in Letters to Juliet instead. Simple, and clean, what a relief to watch a movie and not feel grossed out by anything. My Grandma saw it twice in the theatres, so I knew it was going to be good. My Grandma is very in the know, she had to tell me who Justin Bieber was, she was uploading music onto her iPod long before I knew how, and she just got a new laptop, a Mac. She will have to teach me the Mac shortcuts someday when I make the switch, after the viruses last week it is more tempting than ever!
Oh, and one more thing, my Grandma and I were talking on the phone the other day and I was telling her about all the little crazy things going on, and she told me, "it's all in how you handle it." She has handled all the craziness of life (and she has been through more craziness than anyone I know) with such grace and perseverance, I honestly want to be like my Grandma when I grow up, and I am pretty sure I am not the only granddaughter who feels that way.
Okay, I think I've rambled enough. Seems I've missed you blog, almost 4 days feels like forever without a computer, but even that forced time away was a bit of a blessing too.

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