05 March 2011

This, That, and Yes he really wore those Pants!

Today kicked off with Kelly getting up at the crack o' dawn to head to a REI Garage Sale. It has been nearly a decade since we first ventured to one of these events, and boy oh boy is it an event. Kelly arrived at the store at 6am and met up with a friend who had been there since 5:00am. Kelly said they were in line just behind the crazies aka super dedicated shoppers, who camped out the night before. He found some great deals on running shirts and jackets for himself and he picked up a couple of items for me. Each tag gave the reason the item was returned and the date of the return. And, may I just say a big huge thank you to whoever returned a worn once black North Face fleece on March 2, 2011 because it wasn't warm enough. At 50% off, I think it will keep me perfectly toasty :)
After Kelly returned from his adventure, we got ready to head out for some more shopping. First up of course was a catnap by the one and only Georgiana. While she slept, Kelly and I enjoyed a scrumptious lunch of white albacore tuna salad on whole wheat hot dog buns (did I mention I need to go grocery shopping). We watched half an episode of Modern Family and then loaded up for an afternoon on the town.
We went to Dania furniture, why oh why have I never gone there before!?! After being in the store for about 30 seconds we found the perfect couch and chair. Only problem was... They were the last ones, as in, floor models for sale. Don't get me wrong, I love a discounted price, but I get weird about germs. Ridiculous, I know. After some self talking and disinfectant brainstorming we started to come to a decision. Still, the couch looked a little lumpier than I would prefer, the cushions are down and you could kind of tell where bums had been sitting. So, with a couple of couples watching/looking weirded out by me (no joke), I began to remove all of the cushions and fluff them up. After fluffing and rotating and doing a little of this and that, Kelly and I were super pleased with the result! Hey, we had to be sure, and I'm sure it gave the couples something to laugh about on their way home. And, about rotating the cushions. It delights me to no end that the cushions can be switched out and are not cut for one spot. I am kind of obsessive about getting equal wear out of cushions, I rotate our current couches (the entire couches because there are no cushions to remove) the first week of each month. Oh yes, it's a weird habit. My laundry can be piled up taller than I stand, but heaven forbid the couches are not switched out.
One more note about Dania, we did not have any sales people following us around, yet we were able to quickly find help whenever we needed it, and they even let us put the furniture on hold so I could double check the measurements at home. We will definitely be back!
Moving on...
After our successful furniture shopping, we ventured to Babies R Us. They are having a sale on Organic Gerber Baby Food (packs of two). 8 for $10.00. Pretty good price, especially if you are horrible at math like me and kept thinking, wow only $.80 for a 2 pack! No, not 10 for $8.00. In addition to food, we picked up the cutest tiniest softest littlest toothbrush to brush (with water only) Georgie's two little teeth, and we also bought her a new hairbrush:

The above picture makes me smile so stinkin' much. I honestly wish it was on video. I was brushing her hair and she was looking up at me just happy as can be, then as soon as she saw the camera she looked over at Kelly and gave him her little grin. Oh my how she cracks us up!
And, something I thought blogworthy... The other day Georgiana and I were at Fred Meyer, she was dressed in the outfit below and had the pink polka dot blanket on her. She was smiling away when the following conversation took place...
Woman: What a beautiful baby.
Me: Oh, thank you.
(woman smiles and leans towards Georgie)
Me: Say thank you Georgie. :)
Woman: Pretty Girl... Right?
Me: Yes
Woman: I was going to say Pretty Boy...
Me: Nope, pretty girl...
(then the woman leaned close to me and with a very concerned and soft tone)
Woman: Honey, when a baby is that young you cannot dress them in all blue. They are just too young to decipher...
Me: Oh, thank you...
Woman as she was walking away: Sure, I almost said pretty boy.
Me: Pretty Girl, (looking at Georgie) you're a pretty Girl!
So, I'm sure I looked crazy to the people in the aisle who hadn't heard the conversation as I knelt down and affirmed to Georgie that she was a pretty girl! Honestly, it is not offensive if people ask, it was just so funny to me how the woman thought I was dressing Georgie like a boy! I don't know much about dressing little boys, but I can guarantee you that if I ever have one, he will most definitely NOT be wearing turquoise leggings and a lime and turquoise ruffled floral print fleece. But hey, what do I know...
Speaking of clothes, I wonder what the lady from Fred Meyer would have to say about these:

Yes, that would be a tail! Oh, how I love these silly pants! My cousin Ashley brought them back for Georgiana from Thailand. They look super comfy and crack me up with their cuteness!
Thanks again Ashley :)

And finally...
Skinny jeans. Yes, that would be Kelly sporting skinny jeans.
By this point, I am sure you are praying that there is some type of explanation. Do not fear, he did not loose his mind (entirely :) Rather, he wore these to a friend from work's birthday party. The first invitation stated that skinny jeans were the mandatory dress code. So, Kelly along with a bunch of other guys were joking about wearing them. In fear that guys would actually show up looking like Kelly above, a correction was sent out and all of the guys were relieved. Except for one, Kelly. He decided it would be hilarious to still show up in the pants. I, along with every other person there I'm sure, would attest that Kelly achieved his goal. Many a laugh was had in honor of these pants. Thankfully, they served their purpose and are forever retired.
Last thought, why are there not more Baja Fresh restaurants around? We picked some up on our way home, and I would pick that over Taco Del Mar in a heartbeat! Yum.
Oh, one more last thought...
How could I forget!?!
As of last night, Georgiana is on the move. That's right, she is officially crawling. It is definitely her own version of crawling, but it is crawling indeed. Up until now she has been happy to roll, squirm, wiggle and reach, so we are very proud of our little crawler. And, for the last week or so she has started pulling or trying to pull herself up on all sorts of things. Yes, we are very proud of our little Georgie Girl!


Christie said...

Marin has that little turquoise & lime outfit :) When Harper was a baby, I was changing her in a bathroom while we were out and an older lady came in and saw us and goes "Oh what a handsome little guy, how old is he?" and I said "she's 9 months" (or however old she was) and the lady goes "that is a boy right?" - Harper was dressed in pretty much all pink (shirt, socks, shoes), with jeans that had flowers on them and it was the first time I'd ever put her hair in little pig tails. According to the lady, she'd never ever seen a baby girl in jeans before so therefore Harper MUST have been a boy. Haha!

Bridget Beth said...

Ok. At first I thought you were going to say that Kelly was really into his new jeans and liked the style and I had this mortified feeling for you both. Then I read the text and laughed out loud.

Also...Strangers always think Oliver is a girl! It irks me, too! No...I would not dress a little girl in a grey scorpion hoodie and brown corduroys! Maybe he should borrow the turquoise ruffle outfit...ha!

Our growing family said...

oh my...i love your posts!
I don't even have words for it all...except that she is such a girl- how could anyone even think she is a boy???=)
love to you!
ps...i'm going to show tim the pics of kelly!

Our growing family said...

Kelly this is Tim. I just wanted say nice booty!!!!!!!