05 February 2011

My little Valentine

I showed Kelly these pictures and he asked what she was looking at? The window. She loves looking out the window. After I snapped these, I scooped her up and we looked at the trees, watched the wind and the big kids riding their bikes. She is a nosey little one, I have absolutely no idea who she gets that from ;)
Kissable cheeks!

ps I decided I really want a tripod. I love the light of this last photo, without the flash, but my hand is not steady enough to knock the blur... Oh, and how I love the little drool on her chin, it is a staple these days.


Me... said...

Yes those are kissable cheeks :)
I love her red sweater, she is adorable! I love her, and you :)

Stefanie said...

It is ridiculous how cute she is!!!