17 February 2011

Today: Simple. Sweet. Good.
Up with Georgie girl, who has become an early bird (6:10 am, that's early to me).
Giggles and stories and saying "please don't chew the book."
An hour long nap (I cheated and held her (I know I know) and we both rested).
Early lunch with Grandma and Grandpa Smith. Azteca Fajita burrito. Cleaned my plate.
Home for more naps.
Kelly was on Georgie girl duty and I got a much needed long nap, almost 2 hours!
Up for some playing and snuggles.
A very uneventful haircut at Gene Juarez. Totally and completely worth $45.00 + tip.
Oops, forgot to think of dinner...
Bath time.
Rocking. Sweet Dreams for Georgiana.
Valentine chocolates and a Patsy Clairmont book. Oh, and some light blogging too.
I feel like I am really learning to appreciate the simple things, and enjoy the day to day. Lately I just feel really blessed and thankful about my life. I haven't always felt that way. I'm going with it.
The back of the book I am reading says:
We all want to live on a peaceful mountaintop where we can look down on the world below without getting hurt. With her trademark humor and style, Patsy Clairmont uses the story of "dancing bones" in Ezekiel to remind us that life in the valley can be pretty breathtaking, too. It's often in the valley that we learn and love the most. Rather than running from our troubles, Patsy says true "valley girls" find grace, freedom, and a sense of humor in the midst of turmoil.
(the pictures are for the few that request each post have a Georgie pic! they are not from today, but are typical of every day life. lots of jumping these days.)

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Aaron and Teresa Williams said...

Hey Nichole... sounds like you are doing well. your daughter is so sweet. I hope you dont mind, but I added your blog to mine. Do you mind doing the same. Hope to talk to you soon.

Teresa Williams (poirier)