12 March 2011

9 Months Old!

Georgiana Lee turned 9 months old on the 9th of March. Craziness!
She is such a joy to us, her little personality is just coming out more and more every day. Right now, she is not a fan of diaper changes, she can roll over so fast, we often have bare buns facing us. She dances in her own little way to all of her musical toys, she says Mama, Dada, and Papa. Sometimes she blows kisses, she loves to wave, and is always clapping. She lifts her hands in the air for "up please" and points to where she would like to go.
Her current favorite food is butternut squash, and sweet potatoes are a close second. Bedtime is at 7 pm, although I am not sure what we will do about daylight savings... She often sleeps until 3 or 4 am and then wakes up for a quick change and feeding, then off to sleep until waking up for the day between 6-7 am.
She continues to be our little catnap queen, but we have fully embraced it. Awhile back I decided to stop stressing and obsessing over how many minutes she slept. We went back to the basics. She typically goes down for a nap about an hour after nursing, her average nap is about 30 minutes long, and she usually takes 3 or so of these a day. It seems to be working well for all 3 of us.
She is hands down the biggest blessing and sweetest little thing we could ever hope for. It is so much fun watching her grow and learn new things every day, each stage quickly becomes my favorite. And, it is hard to believe how quickly each one goes by!
Oh, and she absolutely loves bath time! She literally kicks and squeals with excitement. So much fun :)

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Kirsten said...

I don't just throw this comment around and for the most part I think most babies look alike but Georgie is in a class all her own. She is THEEEE most beautiful baby. Ever.