22 March 2011

First Spring Walk.

In between downpours, Georgie and I got out for a walk around the neighborhood. We used the jogging stroller for the first time, and she LOVED it! I think she will be thrilled to go out with Kelly, because the faster I went the more she giggled, she loves the wind in her face. I think she is going to be an adventurous little girl, even with her mittens on she was pointing and excited about everything she could see. Of course, the mittens lasted all of 2 minutes, she got them off and threw them out of the stroller. Thankfully, I snatched them right up, but she sure enjoyed the freedom of free hands in the wind.
The picture below is my view. I know it is silly, but I often like to snap a quick picture of what I see. I know I will always have these memories in my mind and on my heart, but her first year is already going so fast, I like little reminders of the day to day.
Just looking down and seeing a fluff of pink:

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