21 March 2011

Silver Anniversary!!

My Aunt Michelle and Uncle Roger celebrated their 25th Anniversary on March 15th. They happened to be soaring over the beautiful island of Kauai in a helicopter on the 15th, so we celebrated with them on the main land this past Saturday. The celebration kicked off with lunch at Ipanema's Brazilian Grill. It had been a few years since Kelly and I were last there, and I am very very happy to say that it is just as good if not better than I had remembered! I had made the recommendation of the restaurant and as the day approached I started getting a little nervous, I was hoping that everyone would enjoy it as much as Kelly and I had. Thankfully, it was a home run/grand slam for everyone! All you can eat perfectly roasted meats and a super fun hot and cold salad bar, no complaints.
Now for some pics. This first pic shows a little of Georgiana's dress. She was wearing a beautiful white and silver dress with lacy leggings and a cardigan. Of course, I failed to snap any intentional pictures of her outfit. Cest la vie. I did however, get a great picture of the VIP table :)
What a beautiful family!! I told the girls that they could post this pic on facebook and tell their friends that their parents took them to Hawaii with them. We were laughing as I was snapping pictures, everyone knows I will be snapping so I can blog. I often will state that something is "blog worthy." And, I told my cousins that sitting under this, definitely warrants a post:

Love it.
Georgie, Ashley and Makenzie's profile :) Georgie is sporting her big girl food bib, she snacked on some fried bananas!
After a delicious and filling lunch, we headed to my Grandparent's house for some tasty dessert.
The silver coffee and tea set was first purchased by my great aunt for her 50th anniversary. She then passed it down to my Grandparent's on their 25th anniversary, and now my aunt and uncle are the proud owners. It is such a beautiful and precious heirloom!
My Grandma took a picture of my aunt and uncle's wedding cake to Albertson's and the baker made a very close replica. The baker told my Grandma that she thought she may have made the original! And, may I just say that Albertson's cake was bomb dot com. Seriously, I had no idea they made such yummy cakes. The whipped frosting reminded me of Borrachinnis in Seattle and, I am almost always a chocolate girl, but the white cake with lemon filling gave the chocolate a run for it's money!
My friend Lindsey designed and made the favors. They turned out so cute and we all enjoyed them! When she showed me the cylinders I was over the moon about them. My nephew Taye was quite excited too, it seems to him they were a mad scientists viles! Oh how I love his imagination. He also said, "so, do we get 3 of these?"
When asked to be endearing and re-create the cake cutting moment of 25 years ago, my uncle was very sentimental and could have brought a tear to your eye...
ha ha!
I turned 3 the day before their wedding, and I loved every second of the ceremony, reception (I still remember the ice sculptures and long white table cloths), and even the dress fittings! Yes, my first memory is getting fitted for my flower girl dress. I was a bit confused and thought that I was the main event, oh dear, please forgive me. I truly remember waving my chubby little hands (so chubby my lace gloves didn't fit the day of the wedding) and walking down the aisle. I thought I was Miss America, and I was genuinely confused why my brother, the ring bearer, was such a grumpy butt about being in front of all those people. My sister was a Jr. Bridesmaid and in the years following, I wore her dress at least a dozen times to be a princess or yes Miss America for Halloween or just because. Then, my flower girl dress was worn by my sister's flower girl in her wedding.
So many memories made from one very special day!
Congratulations, I love you both so much! Thank you for letting me celebrate with you this weekend and 25 years ago, even when I thought I was Miss America. Sorry again!
One last note, I realized I do not really have any go to pork recipes other than the bbq pork sandwiches I already posted. But, there is a pork family favorite recipe I've never made but have enjoyed many times. I'll work on getting the recipe and giving it a try to share on the blog!

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! for everything. We had such a fun day :)
Love~ Uncle Roger and Aunt Michelle