07 April 2011

Georgiana's Dedication

This was way back in November (the 14th), and I have had every intention of posting pics sooner, but time simply got away! So, here you go... In the picture above our pastor, Pastor Tim, was asking Kelly and I if we plan to raise Georgiana according to God's Word, and to pray for her and love her as Christ asks us to? To which (unplanned) Kelly and I both said without hesitation, Absolutely! Sweet Georgiana Lee fell asleep during praise and worship, she was sleeping in my arms as we headed up to the stage. I'll admit, I was nervous handing her over, she usually doesn't like to be disturbed while sleeping, but she was a champ! I think she actually enjoyed being in front of the congregation. She sat peacefully in Pastor Tim's arms and looked out bright eyed at all of the people.

Kelly and I felt so blessed to have close family and friends come and support Georgie girl and celebrate her. It was so special, I wish I could think of a stronger word, to have them pray along side our pastor and elders of the church, it was meaningful, loving, yes special... I guess that's my tired mommy vocabulary coming out :)

After church, we headed to our house for lunch, lots of cheese & cracker snacks, baked chicken & spinach manicotti, my Grandma's garlic bread, Caesar salad, pistachio pudding salad, my Aunt Michelle's famous lemon bars, and some peanut butter chocolate brownies that I made for the first and last time. Well, at least I will not make them with organic peanut butter, the texture was not appetizing, the peanut butter looked like huge noodles and didn't melt well. I think I should have used good ol' Jiff.

It is our prayer that Georgiana would know Jesus as her loving Lord and Savior at a very young age. That she will seek Him and strive to bring Him glory all the days of her life. Daily, I pray that her life will be blessed and that she will have the joy of the Lord! I pray that she will be bold and loving to those around her, and I pray that she and I will always always be close, super close :)

We have these verses hanging above her crib, and I pray they are true in her life...

Trust in the Lord with all of you heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5-6

PS - I just ate a warmed croissant with a little Nutella. I highly recommend it, basically it melts in your mouth but is way better than an M&M.


Kirsten said...

This is so sweet. Georgie has gotten so big so quickly! Nick and I are hoping to make it out to Seattle sometime in the next few months--we're waiting on a few things going on with Nick's job--but I can't wait to see her sweet face again! And you guys, of course. :)

P.S. I love Nutella. Nutella and whipped honey sandwiches=to die for.

Chris Campfield said...

Now she belongs to Jesus. No take-backsies!