08 April 2011

Mr. Bob

This next face cracks me up, subtle, yet silly and wide eyed: She cracks herself up a lot too!
Yay, a non crazy smile caught on camera :)
And now... my apology to our neighbor, Mr. Bob.
Georgie heard activity outside and just had to see what was going on. To her delight it was our neighbor, Mr. Bob. At first he was just visiting with another neighbor (I can't remember his name, I guess I'll have to check Kelly's diagram with neighbors names, oops did I type that, love you Kelly), anyway... Georgie was waving and hoping so badly that they would see her. Like any mature person would do, I hid out of sight, I didn't want them to think I was being nosey. I struggled between really wanting them to see her so that they would wave to her and make her soooo happy, and then not wanting them to, so they wouldn't think we were the creepy stalker neighbors. As, I am sure they figured tiny Georgiana didn't just climb up on her own, despite hiding they obviously would know I was an accomplice!

But, I just couldn't pull her away. See, Mr. Bob started doing yard work. Mowing his lawn. And, Georgiana thought it was one of the most amazing things she has ever seen:
She went from relaxed and resting her arms on the back of the couch, to pushing up onto her tippy toes so she wouldn't miss a thing!
She watched him the entire time, and was thrilled to pieces. Mr. Bob, I doubt you are reading this, but if you are, I think you have some cookies coming your way. Delivered by Georgiana, she is quite smitten with you :) I have a feeling he is going to have a fan for quite a while. I can just imagine her peeking her little head over the fence to say "hello."

Growing up, I peeked my head over the fence when I was 5 years old and met my neighbor Bill. I would stand on a huge tractor tire we had in our backyard (like a playground toy), to visit with Mr. Bill. We would talk and talk and he would tell me all about his garden. He would give me rhubarb and my mom would make the best rhubarb strawberry pie or cobbler. It's silly, but I still do not know Mr. Bill's last name, every year I send him his Christmas card simply addressed to Bill and sign it, love your old neighbor Nicole :)

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Anonymous said...

I love this story! The boys next door love to talk with Roger over the fence and yes he loves it to. You have a lucky neighbor.
Love, Aunt Michelle