03 May 2011

I often intend on blogging...

but as you can see, Miss Georgiana keeps me quite busy! Don't worry, I caught her and she was a-okay and off to play with her kitchen. Now I'm off to eat some ice cream with Kelly, I'm loving the simple things!


I just showed Kelly this video and he about had a heart attack. I reassured him about twenty times that I caught her! I promise no babies were injured at all during the making of this video :)


Christie said...

Haha! Marin almost did the same thing yesterday :-D She was sitting on the couch next to me and she all of a sudden leans forward into the crawl position and peered her little head over the edge. Turned and smiled at me then started trying to crawl off. Gravity Shmavity!

Me... said...

silly girl, guess that is the quickest way to get off :)