04 May 2011

Wordy Wednesday (I tried wordless and this is what I came up with :)

I tried to get a picture of Georgie's sweet face, but she was one busy bee, this was the best I got!

We met some friends at the park today and ate picnic lunches in the sunshine. My friend Kea and I both brought our cameras, but both forgot to snap pictures (next time!). While I packed our lunch, Georgiana was quite entertained by her new shoes. I am shocked at how long they stayed on her feet! She still prefers to have nothing on her feet, it makes sucking those sweet little piggies a little easier!

And now... I introduce you to Georgiana's new crawl. Up until now she has preferred the army crawl, but today she hung up her fatigues and created a style all her own! And yes, she is eating puffs off of the floor. The mom (me) who for the first 6+ months used a paci wipe practically every time Georgie's paci even possibly hit the floor, has joined the masses and now rolls with some of the germy situations (at least the safe at home germs :).

Now I am off to relax and enjoy some Frozen Dairy Dessert. Last night as I was dishing up some Breyers, I was a little bothered to see that it is not called ice cream. Frozen Dairy Dessert... I'm choosing not to get my google on to learn why it is called that. Tastes yummy all the same.

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Lindsey said...

oh my goodness...its more hilarious than I imagined. And she's SO FAST! :) and the shoes? Oh mannn... so precious! xoxo