11 June 2011

My baby girl is ONE!

This picture was taken on the morning of her birthday, before we headed to Seattle to eat at Red Robin and go to the Seattle Aquarium. My sister gave me the suggestion of ordering a garden burger patty for Georgie. It was perfect! Georgiana ate the entire patty, some cantaloupe and sweet potato fries. She was thrilled! It was our first time ever ordering for her, and she loved every bite.
She also had a blast at the aquarium. We were going to let her touch some of the little sea creatures in the touch pool, until we heard an employee say that she thinks it is a good time to touch because most of the stinging had already been done for the day. Earlier that day there were a lot of field trips at the aquarium and she said that equals stinging for the not so gentle little kids. Lovely. She thought she was reassuring us when she informed us that it takes a few hours for the stinging solution to regenerate. No, not assuring, not at all. We kept all our our hands out of the pool. No tears needed on her big day!

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Ashleigh said...

Happy Birthday Georgie!!!