11 June 2011

This has been a draft too long!

(I have started this post so many times, I am going to post it no matter what tonight!)

Last month Kelly's cousin Mikki and her husband Jonny stayed with us for about 5 days. We had such a fun time! I've wanted to post about it, but I had quite a few pictures and videos to look through, I finally had a minute and here are the results:

Mikki, if you've wondered about Georgie sticking out her tongue, she hasn't forgot the new trick you taught her :) Now, in addition to sticking out her tongue, she is trying to grab it. Silly girl!
Georgie and Jonny reading Global Babies! The best was when Jonny read it in his American accent, oh how I wish I spoke with a British accent. I told Jonny that I think everything he says is either hilarious or brilliant. No joke. I wanted to show you the above picture because a) it represents all of the eating out we did (Thai, Greasy American Fare, Seafood, Sushi, you name it we ate it!) and b) because it shows Georgie's Tiny Diner Mat. It suctions to the table, keeps lots of germie bugs away, and does a really decent job of catching food that would otherwise end up on the floor. It is definitely one of my favorite baby items!

Above is one of Kelly's classic paparazzi shots. Mikki is in the background, peek a boo, and I have a tail. Mental note, never wear that shirt under a jacket again.

I love this picture. Such a cute couple :)

We didn't see a no photography sign, and the artist didn't object. I LOVE this calendar, but it is over $50.00, I just can't swallow that. Mikki & Jonny found and bought a beautiful original piece of art. This was a store right along the viaduct, I had never been in before. I love discovering new places!

We played putt putt golf. Aka ghetto golf. Seriously, this place was not safe for children. Rusty and rickety, the perfect place to people watch. And, dog watch... A few people thought it was a great activity for their dogs. Weird. Sorry if you bring your dog putt putt golfing, I don't mean to offend, it was new to me.

Mikki & Jonny are making their way to the West coast, Southern Cali, Kelly is planning California take two (Just Kidding). But, we are super excited to have them on the West Coast, hopefully we will get to see them more, because we miss them, lots!!

Come back again soon!

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