26 July 2011

I just uploaded 276 pictures...

So, as you can imagine this post has a lot of pics and few words.
Georgie's little clubhouse, aka the tv stand.

Georgiana & Tristan.

Cleaning the garage with daddy.

Kelly calls her an ant.

Daddy, look at the bird!!! Every single bird is just as exciting.

One of her many faces and tippy toes. Classic Georgie girl!

Exciting first steps.

Georgie's free shoes from her shoe fit modeling job. I would wear them if they came in my size :)


After dinner, Georgiana and I went outside to play. We decided to head out to the front yard because there were quite a few kids out, and Georgie girl LOVES to watch them play. We took Georgie's new green bouncy ball and a little cotton rattle ball, but she was of course most entertained by the kids riding their bikes and scooters. Two little girls went to get the mail and Georgie grabbed her ball and went marching over, yelling the whole way of course, to meet them. Much to her dislike, I scooped her up and carried her back to the grass. But, as I watched her march over to the girls with pure joy on her face, her little head held up high, lots of happy jabber coming out of her mouth, and a ball in her hands inviting them to play, I prayed that she would never loose her courage. That she will always be brave to make new friends and share her toys and dive on into life! To have fun, to get excited and take risks!

I wish that every time she reaches out to someone they would be nice and encouraging to her, but I know that is not going to be the reality. I would like to be next to her every step of everyday, to scoop her up when she needs to be, to protect her. But, I know that that too is not reality. Sigh. Oh the heavy heart of a mommy. But, how thankful I am that the Lord protects her, that ultimately she is His. That He has plans for her. That He will always be there to scoop her up. And, that He will never fail her.

One more cutie patootie thing, Georgiana waves to every car that goes past us. I love watching even the grumpy people turn their frowns upside down and wave back to her. It's kind of hard not to smile when a little tiny person is waving her hand up and down with all her might. She makes "vroom..." sound effects for cars. I love it. Her little hand goes from side to side "vroom, vroom, vroom!"

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Our growing family said...

love. all of it! I would wear those shoes too. Is it sad that I already know what skirt and shirt I would wear with them? =)
I hope she gets more jobs! =)