15 July 2011

Summer Thoughts

Busy busy busy and busy.

But, we generally like busy, so no complaints here.

Do you ever think in blog posts? I do. A lot. And, if I had the opportunity to blog as often as a post goes through my head, wowza that would be a full time job!

I have posts about all you can eat sushi go through my head. Like blogging about Kelly eating a quail's egg on a roll of rice, seaweed and salmon eggs. I freaked and said, "You have 50 salmon and a bird in your mouth!" He gave me a look that was worth a thousand words, some of which I translated as please be quiet otherwise I am going to throw up 50 salmon and a bird! Disgusting, but entertaining. We had a great coupon and my all you can eat was only $18.00, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get my money's worth. Ha! Nearly $40.00 worth of sushi later, my opinion was changed. Add that with Kelly's $40+ and I would say our dinner turned out to be quite the bargain.

Other posts...

Georgiana and I sharing a slice of rhubarb pie from a cafe claiming to be the "rhubarb capitol of the world!" I don't know about you, but I have this thing where I can't really think if I have to go the bathroom really bad. So much so, that when I wasn't able to use the restaurants restroom, I decided to order the pie to go, and I asked the brilliant question "do you have rhubarb pie?" Really, Nicole!?! Hello sir, do you have rhubarb pie here at the rhubarb capitol of the world!?!!?!?!?? It was a moment of brilliance I tell you. The nice teenage boy was totally polite and just said "yes, I believe we do." Thank you wanna be Bieber boy for not taking the enormous opportunity to point out how ridiculous of a question that was.

We've also been busy with play dates and pool parties. Both little dips in our tiny backyard pool, and meeting up with friends at real pools, or what Georgiana probably thinks are the most amazing bathtubs in the world!

Other news, after painfully training for a half marathon, I finally decided to listen to my body and go get checked out by a doctor. Turns out I have sacroiliitis, some lower disc problems pinching a small nerve that wraps around to my hip, and bicep tendonitis. Thankfully, nothing major, but still not fun. Most all, I was just so thankful for such a quick and clear diagnosis. It was such a blessing to go to my appointment, have x-rays on the spot, and walk out with a diagnosis and treatment plan. I start pt next week, and I am hopeful for a quick recovery. Kelly will be running the 1/2 marathon in my place, and Georgiana and I will be cheering for him and my cousin Ashley like crazy!

Next random topic...

Georgiana's been doing a little modeling. It has been so much fun, way more fun than doing things myself. Last week she had a shoe fit modeling job for a large company, they are currently having a rather large anniversary sale right now :) Fit modeling is about the greatest thing ever. The whole job was less than 15 minutes for Georgie to try on a pair of shoes, and she was such a good girl that on top of her pay, she was given a super cute pair of shoes to grow into. So much fun!

We have our first family casting call on Monday... Should be interesting.

Last thought of the night. It is something I am SOOOO excited about...
We are going to London & Italy next Spring! We booked our tickets (with mileage, woo hoo!!!) and have most of our accommodations booked. We are still researching places for our Tuscany portion of the trip, but I am so excited about agriturismo and have been excitedly picking friends' brains. I am so open to hear thoughts and tips about London, Italy, traveling with an almost two year old, international travel, you name it, I welcome hearing it! I have dreamed about traveling since I was really young, and it is the only thing I really thought I would have done by now. I don't mean that negatively, I just pictured myself traveling when I was younger. I remember years ago realizing that I was not a sleep in a hostel, wash your underwear in the sink because you are carrying all of your clothes in a backpack kind of girl. It was a difficult realization, but so true, and made me realize that I would need to save a few more pennies to go on the type of trip I would actually enjoy. I am so thankful to be able to go on what I anticipate to be an amazing trip, with Kelly and Georgiana! Georgie girl keeps me at a much slower pace, which I am looking forward to. I think I will actually stop to smell the roses or whatever kind of flowers they have there. I think I will see things I wouldn't otherwise see, and the things I may not get to see this round... Well, they've most likely been there for hundreds of years, so they'll be waiting for me to come back and see them when Georgiana is old enough to enjoy them too!

On that note, I am off to bed.

PS - the pics are from the Fourth of July

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e said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! i'm so excited for your trip!! haven't been to italy yet but would love to be one of the many who will tell you everything i know about london. miss you!