22 July 2011

If I count Georgiana's audition on Monday, she worked 4 days this week! Georgie's girl work plus lots of playtime, going to a Norwex party, my upcoming 10 year high school reunion, visiting friends at camp, dinner with friends, Nordstrom anniversary sale and dollar store shopping has kept us quite busy. Oh, and Georgie girl's first tantrum at the library. I was in shock and had a very proud first time mommy moment, when I honestly thought... not my child!?! Ha ha, we are learning the word no, and it is very traumatic when you cannot take a puzzle home with you from the library, and just a heads up, little ones can scream loud and clear with a paci in his or her mouth. But, please don't get the wrong impression, she's still the best little girl in the whole wide world, no bias here :) She thinks the sole purpose of a laptop is for music (Pandora), she points to the computer dances and sings, everything becomes a phone to her ear, she walks almost runs around every where, and giggles instead of saying 'yes' when you ask her a question. Right now she is begging to go outside, it is the first request of probably 300 today, rain or shine she likes to be outdoors! So, off I go to play in the backyard in my pjs. I am sure the neighbors love the entertainment.

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Our growing family said...

oh my heavens...so adorable!
loved the card too! =)