03 August 2011

A Happy Heart

It truly amazes me how much my little Peanut has grown this last year. The picture above is from late July 2010 and the picture below is from today...
Pigtails. My little baby is wearing pigtails.
And playing with baby dolls.

So, that's what we've been up to. Watching Georgie girl grow like crazy and develop her sassy and sweet little personality. I feel fairly certain she really does do something new everyday. I feel spoiled to get to be her Mommy. So thankful and sometimes so tired, but I try to just focus on the thankful. I realized awhile ago that talking about being tired just brings me down and I want to try to cheerfully enjoy each of these very very fast stages!

I recently heard a friend tell her daughter to "Choose to have a happy heart." I absolutely love that!


Our growing family said...

love it! the whole post is wonderful...pigtails are the best.

Anonymous said...

I love Georgie's pigtails, I love that she is enjoying her chair and playing with "pretty baby". And I love her little dress, okay I just love it all especially "Georgie Girl".

e said...

my mom always said (which HER mom always said), 'make the choice to rejoice.' hee. she's SO cute! can't wait to give you both the biggest hugs next week!!!