04 October 2011

Chasing Fireflies!

I got a facebook message from my friend Missy today, asking if Georgiana had a look alike in the Chasing Fireflies catalog...

I've been excitedly awaiting for this catalog to come out! We haven't received ours yet, but Georgie's pictures are on their website and Kelly and I just grin when we see our little one all dolled up. This was Georgie's first job (back in June), and the three of us went on a little road trip to snowy Oregon for the first picture. It was freezing!!! Georgiana was a champ, I was almost in tears, fearing I was being a stage mom and pushing her too far... But, in true Georgie fashion she clapped and cuddled afterward and just took a nap in my arms in the warm lodge. I don't know that we will brave another Winter outdoor shoot until she is able to tell me in words how she feels about it, which at the rate her words are starting to form I think it won't be too long!

Our rule is, we will keep going to auditions and shoots as long as Georgiana enjoys it, if and when she says she's done, she will be done.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics and catalog!

Oh how I wish we would have been able to keep the clothes...

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