03 October 2011


We spent the last couple of weeks in Maui, and it was a blast! Kelly's parents (Bill & Lori) joined us for the first week. It was their first time vacationing in Hawaii, and we all soaked up every minute of it!

It is definitely different vacationing with a 15 month old. I never thought in a million years that I would spend so much time soaking up the shade. But, boy oh boy did I quickly learn to love those big ol' cabanas. Thankfully, as you probably can tell from the pictures, little Miss Georgiana is a great napper in that she (usually) has no problem sleeping in her stroller or on her Mama. The kiddie pool would clear out around lunch/nap time, but most of the time we were able to stay outside and read in the shade while Georgie kicked back. I will tell you, I learned rather quickly that swim diapers work great for one thing and one thing only, holding in the you know what while swimming. Otherwise, they are about as absorbent as undies. More than once, my little sleeping cuddle bug warmed my legs up. Yep, it's what you think. I apologize to anyone staying at the Westin Villas on Kaanapali beach, there is a reason you should always lay a towel down on your lounge chair.

A couple of tips that I found helpful while traveling with a little one are, stock up on $1.00 store (or Target $1.00 section) toys for the plane ride. Georgiana loved playing with things she had never seen or read before, and if anything was left behind it was only a buck, so no biggie. She is a full on lover of all stickers, thankfully the lady and gentleman sitting near us did not mind lending their hands and arms to be stickered. Yes, she loves to share.

She also loved what Kelly calls "baby gu packs." Link HERE. They worked perfectly for pool side snacks, Georgiana was able to eat them right out of the package like a little smoothie. It was a really handy way to get some veggies in her. Especially considering every single kids menu consisted of the same lovely options, such as: grilled cheese, chicken strips, mac & cheese, and your occasional fish & chips. All of which come with french fries and your occasional blue jello. Needless to say, Georgie girl and I shared a lot of food. Don't worry, we did let her live it up and eat her share of flours and cheese, and she discovered her new favorite combo... grilled cheese sandwich dipped in a glass of water until it is nice and soggy and makes her Daddy a little queasy. Yummy! Especially when it plops back down into the murky water. Appetizing I tell ya!

In addition to eating and napping, we swam and swam and swam. Georgie got braver by the day and thoroughly enjoyed both the little kid pools and the big kid areas, dunking her basketball in the water and going down a giant slide with Kelly.

Kelly and Bill went scuba diving (we used Kelly's camera most of the time and all of those photos are currently on the memory card reading "memory card error," hopefully we can recover them!). They had an amazing time and are ready to go back again and again. Lori and I also had an amazing time above water! We went to the Heavenly Spa at the Westin, and it's name could not have been more accurate. We had Lomi Lomi Hawaiian full body massages and pedicures. I think part of a massage should be an hour of sleep afterward. When the masseuse told me to take my time getting up, I thought, do I really have to get up!?! I tell you, I have not been so relaxed in I don't know how long. Our nail treatments were equally as pleasurable. I opted for the clarisonic pedicure, I am years, probably decades, past baby smooth feet and this little tool was basically a spa sander. Which my heels needed. I chose grey for my polish color. It's my absolute fav color I've ever had, and please feel free to laugh, but I chose it because I saw it on Heidi Klum's nails when she was doing an infomercial for NY Fashion Week. Ha ha!

Something random, but totally cute. Georgie got into the habit of rearranging herself in her high chair. She decided both legs (crossed of course) in one side is the best, and in one picture above she is doing that, wearing my shirt. She and Kelly picked it out. Thankfully she only wore that in the condo. She has opinions this one, I love it. I really do. She will tell you "yeah." Or shake her head "no no." We are working on "yes please." Georgiana can you say please? "Yeah."

Georgie's up from her nap, so I am posting this unedited otherwise I fear it will enter the long awaiting list of "drafts."



Patty Siegmund said...

I bet Daniel Lloyd has software to rescue your pics!!!! Looks like you guys had a good time!!

e said...

i have always wanted to try the lomi lomi...next time.