07 December 2011

Christmas Cheer!

Georgiana, can you please show me your pretty teeth?

Daddy's little helper!

(Complete with her NRA bib, oh dear)
Hanging ornaments, and being so thankful for the plastic bulb ones I accidentally bought the first year we were married. Who would have thought I would be so thankful for plastic ornaments!

And now, a little quick rewind to Thanksgiving. Sorry, this is a random post, a lot of interruptions and breaks, it is going to 'go live,' aka post without editing, otherwise it will be lost in my sea of drafts that I fear will never really make it beyond their current state!


We enjoyed a family fun filled Thanksgiving, with breakfast at Kelly's parents and then dinner at my grandparents. Georgiana played with "babies," aka her cousins Macy and Aubreyanna, and she was thrilled to pieces. She LOVES babies, even babies that are her size or bigger (she calls all of her little friends "baby"). Just yesterday, she saw a baby in a carrier at Costco and she lunged with her arms out, saying "baby, baby, baby." She really wanted to hold that sweet little babe, ha! I don't think she has ever really held a baby before, I still call her my baby... Another baby side note, we are in the phase of changing her dollies diapers. She is quite horrified that we do not have more diapers for them, she keeps trying to throw each baby's diaper away. She is slowly but surely warming up to the idea of me rinsing the diaper out in the sink. Yes, I turn on the water and pretend to wash the diaper out. Feel free to laugh, but it is just one of the many silly things I find myself doing throughout the day. Oh Georgie girl I just love you ...

And now, for some Christmas cheer!

Here are a smattering of Christmas Season pictures in no particular order. We kicked off the season with Sumner's Bridge Lighting ceremony, it was a first for our little family and we didn't know there was a fireworks show. Thankfully, Georgie girl is a brave little cookie, and loved every second of them! For days following she was telling the best animated stories with lots of sound effects and big arm movements! Kelly is practically counting down the days until July!

Since then, I have attended our church's women's Cup of Cheer party (a white elephant sort of event), we watched the Sumner Santa Parade, where my favorite float is a toss up between the Honey Bucket float or the random float with a teenage boy sitting in a sleigh with a sign titled "Finland Exchange Student," yes it is highly entertaining! Christmas cards have started arriving, and I think Christmas cards may just be one of my most favorite things about Christmas, and Georgiana loves looking at the pictures! We also got our Christmas tree...
And forgot about it until we heard a very loud noise as we pulled into our garage! Thankfully, it was a trooper and held up quite well to our abuse.

Georgie's face cracks me up in this next pic:

She thoroughly enjoyed herself!

Oh, and Christmas tights. Love me some Christmas tights.

We tried to go to a live nativity, but it was 'sold' out. I am definitely putting that on our Christmas season bucket list for next year. Even though we have been busy little bees, it has been so much fun to celebrate with Georgiana. We decided this year, to take a new route with some of our Christmas decorations. I am making Christmas poms and a Happy Birthday Jesus banner! We've been practicing saying "Happy Birthday Jesus," so far we have "appy" and then Georgiana's form of Jesus, kind of like Gigi. When we came up with the idea to decorate with birthday party type decorations, Georgiana said "buh buhs!" aka balloons. Kelly and I are always taken aback, we just say "how does she know!?!" So yes, buh buhs are probably going to be making an appearance at some point. I mean, you certainly can't sing "appy Gigi (Jesus)" without "buh buhs."

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