19 December 2011

Things about Georgiana and December 2011 that I don't want to Forget!

Walking in a Winter Wonderland. Or, just bundled up for a walk around the neighborhood. Yes, she asked for her sunglasses!
Who needs the present when you have the shipping box!?!


I need to charge my camera battery so that I can continue to snap pics of my silly Georgie girl. She keeps us entertained non stop and is chatting up a storm! That is, if she is at home with mommy and daddy, throw in anyone else or take her out and about and she will need 20-30 minutes before her little mouth starts moving. Once she is warmed up, off she goes! Throw in an outfit change, and she may just do a song and dance. She is particularly fond of escaping changes and running around like a little crazy person in just her diaper.
Speaking of diaper... She will now tell us, "I duh poo poo," hopefully soon that will precede the action and be completed on her potty chair, but we are definitely awhile off from that. One more tid bit in the diaper department, it took me nearly 18 months, but I will tell you that although I love using all natural products with and around Georgiana (like Boudreaux (sp?) All Natural Butt Paste), I must tell you that if you are actually facing a real deal rash, I would go for Desitin.
Onto something other than buns...
Not only do I need to snap some pics, but I also need to record Georgie gently tapping her pointer finger on her chin and looking around saying "hmmmm" while she looks for something or thinks something over, ha! My cousin Makenzie stayed the night last week and was witness to it, totally cracked us up!
After spending time with my Grandma, Georgiana will say "oh!" quite a bit. It is funny, the things that I/we don't even notice we say until they come out of a tiny little mouth. Like "yeah yeah," or "no" with her little mouth in an 'o' shape with an almost Minnesotan style accent. Kelly said "no" last night while the three of us were being silly, and it all clicked.
I understand a smidge (a very tiny tiny smidge) why some celebs put themselves on reality tv, because honestly I wish I had constant filming of Georgiana. Her stage right now is hilarious, busy, curious, playful, still so cuddly, and I just love hearing and seeing her do new things daily.
Today we were outside playing in the backyard and she heard some older kids riding their scooters and in a very toddler sounding voice she yelled over the fence "hey, hey!" I just laughed, and then of course we toddled (aka practically ran) to the gate, to the front yard and one of us (Georgie) wanted so badly to continue running across the street to what happened to be the new location of the pre-teens. She was pretty bummed that mommy wouldn't let her. Glimpses. Glimpses of times when I will not get all day with this silly little Peanut. So, tired or not, messy or not, I am just going to continue to soak up every slobbery (I should say drooly, slobbery sounds like a puppy, which would lead well into Georgie's continued obsession of puppies, but I digress) moment with Georgiana Lee.
She is thoroughly enjoying the Christmas season. We attended the children's play at church and it took every bit of self control for me to not give in and just let her run onto the stage. Don't worry, I resisted and did not interrupt the show, we hung out in the back of the sanctuary where Georgie was free to dance and clap without being a distraction. But oh how those little arms reached for the stage. She further developed her dancing skills at an Amazon photo shoot. Where, I learned that pink patent leather salt water sandals happen to be the most perfect Christmas carol dancing shoes. The moves are indescribable. Some were caught on camera, but call me crazy I'm guessing those shots are not going to be surfacing on the website.
Then, this weekend we furthered our Christmas celebration by attending our neighborhood Christmas gathering. It was very Stars Hollow esque (Gilmore Girls reference), which translated into me eating up every moment of it. Even though most of my moments were spent chasing a very excited pink puff around the yard. I think Georgiana would describe a late night (past 7pm, ha!) outside Christmas gathering as AMAZING! She was thrilled to pieces, and although she wasn't too happy with me when I pulled her away from the "gaga's!!!" (Christmas lights), she didn't fight her sleep at all. So, take it as a tip, if your little one is fighting his or her sleep, bundle them up like a pink (or color of your choice) snowman and let them run around in the freezing cold eating cookies (gakas), well one cookie (which she enjoyed almost as much as the gum drop she sampled while building a gingerbread house with our dear neighbor friends, same neighborhood different weekend :), until they are literally falling over in the grass, unable to stand, not due to the puffiness of their clothes, but the jello-ness of their legs. At least that was the trick for Saturday night.
Yesterday, was Georgiana's Christmas dress debut. I must say, a sign of the perfect Christmas dress is the child not fitting in her car seat while wearing said dress. Then, dressing said child in the dress upon arriving at church. It was tempting however, to just leave Georgie girl in her onesie and black tights, I felt like it was a preview of a very tiny ballerina someday, sigh.
I am positive there are more Georgiana takes on Christmas 2011 highlights, but alas this tired mommy needs some rest.
PS - I never expected it to be so hard to not give Georgiana her Christmas presents early. It is ridiculous how excited I am!

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Michaela said...

Did you catch any pics of the 2011 Christmas dress or "pre-dress ensemble?"