09 January 2012

Christmas Eve!

My Aunt Michelle and Uncle Roger throw quite the Christmas Eve Party! It is definitely more of a party than just a family get together. Each year brings more friends and extended family, more laughs, and way too many new foods for the spread. Next year, we may just need platters instead of plates.

I thought for sure Georgie Girl would turn into a party girl instantly, but around 7pm she curled up in my lap and asked for some "mo" (milk) and wanted to go "nigh nigh." I am actually glad we didn't have the pack and play, because she definitely found her second, third and fourth wind and had so much fun with her cousins, it's amazing what a little ice cream punch and cookies can do!

Christmas Eve would not be complete without our $15.00 white elephant style gift exchange, complete with Kelly and my cousins teaming against one another and creating it their sole mission to steal from each other. The trash talk begins days before the event... You can imagine.

Even more important than the game, are the pictures! My family has well over 50 years of pajama pictures. Beginning when my Grandma and her sister in law Joyce, my Grandpa's twin brother's wife, and her would sew coordinating pjs for their kids. A nice little red and white stripe for one family and navy and white for the other. I remember looking at pj pictures of the past when I was younger and thinking how silly the jamas looked, but now they have made it full circle, and I would argue they look like cute little collared Pottery Barn pjs. But I digress...

Below is a picture of my Grandparents with all of the granddaughters, we are practically all adults now, crazy. I know there are a few friends reading this saying, that can't be Makenzie, Brittany, etc... But yes, yes it is, all grown up and beautiful.

My sister Tiffany and her daughter Hana, I LOVE this picture:
After I wrote LOVE, I realized I really l-o-v-e all of these, including Georgiana hiding in a gift bag, completely her doing:

Oh cousins, how I love thee:

And Papa, isn't he the best!
During the white elephant game, my Aunt Beth's husband Chris opened a Seahawks blanket and hat, the same hat Papa was wearing. Georgiana was quite disturbed by this when she saw Chris holding it. She marched over, pointed to the hat and said "Papa, Papa!" And, then pointed to where Papa was sitting. She scooped that hat up and started bringing it over to Papa, how dare Chris steal Papa's hat :) She was distracted before making it over to Papa, I'm not quite sure how she would have handled the two hat situation...

Georgie is a lovebug, she likes to love on her cousins with or without their permission. Usually Ryder absorbs the brunt of this, but Christmas Eve they were all getting squeezed!

The "Triplets!" Georgiana, Ryder, Hana:

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Drollingers said...

I love all the pictures especially of Georgie with her cousins. What a blessing to have them so close in age!! Hope to hang out soon.