12 February 2012

20 Months

Looking up at Daddy...

Georgie girl is 20 months old, twenty months, four months away from being TWO! She finally had her 18 month well check appointment last week, she gained all of her weight back from being sick in January, plus TWO pounds! We were all quite thrilled :) Georgiana has always been in the 75% for her height and around the 10% or a little under for her weight. She's grown this way since she was born, so it is her norm, but she jumped up to the 25% for weight and she feels sturdier and has the cutest little tummy. I LOVE it. She's always been strong and healthy, just lean lean lean, she's still lean, but I'm liking the 25%, hopefully she can hang out (at least) there for a while.

We bought Georgiana some new shoes today. The purple Adidas' in the pictures above. She was 'modeling' them for me and doing a little dance! If you live near the South Hill Puyallup Costco, and need a pair of boy or girl tennis shoes (size 4k-10k), I would head on up there. They are clearanced down to $9.97! As of this morning, they had quite a few. At first I had the white tennis shoes with a pink, purple, and maybe blue (I can't remember) stripe on them, but then I remembered that we want them for play shoes outside. Outside in the wet, sometimes muddy grass, so purple it was!

Other randoms, we went to the Seattle Children's Museum last week. If you haven't gone, GO! We all three had a great time, exploring and giggling. Since the last post, we have lost our power twice. Thankfully we have a generator now, and I must say I truly do not mind the hummmm of the generators when the power goes out. It's like a nice little noise machine for sleeping. Thankfully, we finally became symptom free (after having a lingering cold), and in the last couple of weeks I have got to meet three new babies! My friend Patty had her second baby, beautiful little Molly. Georgiana went crazy over Molly, Patty was SO SO sweet and let Georgie hold Molly, literally as soon as Molly was in Georgie's arms, Georgie gave her a big smooch right on her forehead. She leaned really really close to Molly's little face and said "hi baby." It was precious. A few days later, I got to snuggle the most adorable twin baby boys! My friend Jessica let me come over and meet her babies. They were so peaceful, gorgeous already, and I could have held them forever.

That's about it for this post. I'll be back with more, there's been a lot of behind the scenes action in the Smith house, but it is going to take some time to blog it all out...

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Me... said...

I love the purple shoes :) we bought ours a few months ago when they were on clearance here, but they only had the white so white we got :)