23 January 2012

We Survived!

Our power was out (along with many many many others) from 8am last Thursday until Saturday evening. We of course sold our generator this past Fall because it wasn't compatible with the hard wiring that we wanted to be able to use it for...

The plan was to buy a new one, but it got put off, and I have reminded myself about 3,000 times to be very very supportive of Kelly when he wants to execute generator take two!! I will not say a peep about the cost, about the location of the storage of gasoline, about the time to hook it all up, even the cost of hiring an electrician to make sure the hard wiring will work.

Not a peep I tell ya :)

We are so blessed to live close to family and friends who opened up their warm homes to us, Georgiana was a true trooper as we bounced from house to house, but next time this happens hopefully we can just stay put in our own warm home. It's a bit of work to load up a toddler and a bag of giant laundry. Mental note: Stay on top of the laundry because if a power outage happens it is a real bummer to be behind!

One cute highlight was when Kea and I were cooking lunch, we were far enough away from the fireplace that we had to bundle the kiddos up. Georgiana and her buddy Sawyer were running around giggling in their fleece pjs, winter coats, and winter hats. Toddlers can put a smile on your face in just about any circumstance.

Now, here's to hopefully an uneventful week! Oh how I can hope :)

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Kirsten Leah said...

That's crazy! I didn't know that could even happen anymore, unless it was in a 3rd world country. I know they can go pretty long without power. It makes you appreciate what you have.