23 February 2012

Thank you. Thank you so much for all of the encouraging comments on my last post. I am so incredibly thankful for all of the loving people God has put around me (us)! We are doing well. For quite a long time (long before any 2012 events), my prayer has been that God would fill our home with Joy & Laughter. In spite of yucky circumstances, Georgiana Lee continues to be a bundle of joy, she packs a lot of personality in that little body, and she has continued to be the best medicine and distraction. We can't help but want to giggle with her.

I must admit, the week I posted the last post, we probably made it out about 1/2 as much as usual. I attribute it mostly to morning (aka daytime to evening) sickness, but our feet definitely dragged a bit. The first few days after learning of the miscarriage, I lost 2 of the 3lbs that I had gained, and I felt sicker than ever. But, I am back on track and doing pretty good.

In a couple of weeks, I have another ultra sound and will be meeting my NEW doctor. I am so looking forward to having a new doctor. With Georgiana, and the start of this pregnancy, I was with a midwife/RN group. I am definitely not opposed to using a midwife, I have friends from every extreme, from delivering at home to let's get the epidural before I can feel one contraction. And, I think in the end, all of us are after the same goal: Healthy Baby & Healthy Mama. For me, this round, I am ready to meet with a type A, let's get to the bottom of this, MD.

Now, on to my bundle of JOY!

Georgiana has discovered her love for finger painting. And, thankfully the paint is as washable as the box claimed. She made hand print Valentine's and had a blast doing it. Please notice too, that she likes to wear her tennis shoes over her pjs. She LOVES her new shoes.


When she is not wearing her shoes, she is busy trying to use her toes to pick up things or open doors of any kind:

She says, "Mommy, my toes, toes!"

I've often heard that you start to learn what you say and do, when your little one starts talking etc. Well, Kelly has pointed out how often I use my feet to do things, if I have Georgie in my arms, or am in need of an extra "hand," my toes work quite well. Nothing compares to the skills of my cousin Makenzie though, she is in a league all her own, perhaps Georgiana is taking after her.

Georgiana is our little parrot, she is talking SO much! She also mimics us when she brushes her teeth. I let her sit on the counter while I get ready in the morning, and when she is not doing her "eyes" or "yotion," she likes to practice brushing her teeth, complete with humming. I seriously need to record her doing it. She watches me use my Sonicare and it makes a humming sound, so naturally when she uses her tiny little non battery operated toothbrush, she makes the sound. And, she spits. Which, I normally wouldn't consider cute, but she has a way of making anything look cute.

"Oh boy, (and then her word for tooterbug)"

She also pats her tummy and says "I good," If I ask her if she would like something to drink, or more to eat, "No Momma, I good."

The other day, Kelly was putting new brakes on our car and Georgiana thought the whole experience was amazing. He had the hood open too, so I was pointing things out to her, like the battery etc. Each time I would point to something she would respond "Kayyyy." I can hear her saying it in my mind, and it is hard to translate to this post. But, take my word, it was an Oh Georgie Girl how I love you, moment :)

And those lashes...

Oh, and I would recommend waiting a lot longer than I did to tell your not even two year old that you are pregnant. Part of our conversation tonight was "Just Mommy has a baby in her tummy."

To which Georgie replied (while rubbing her tummy), "And Gigi (Georgie)." It is extra confusing to her, because I put cocoa butter lotion on my tummy each morning, and when she asked why, I told her it was because the baby was growing big in my tummy. She too has special lotion for her tummy after bath time (because she has a little dry skin rash), but now she is convinced it is for the baby. Oh dear...

And, the other night we were having dinner at our friend's house and when we were talking about the baby, Georgiana took that as her cue to try to lift up my shirt to show them. It is so adorable when she wants to pat my belly at home and say "hi baby," but in public... Thankfully I had a quick reaction and spared everyone from the belly. So, I would wait, wait a LONG time before you share your news with your little peanut. Or, if you are in need of blog material, tell them right away and you will be overloaded with things to post :)

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Jennie {Clover and Violet} said...

I had to laugh about your baby in the tummy...Silas and Norah are only 22 months apart...but, the hardest part was convincing him that Norah was the baby from Mommy's tummy...I think he's forgotten the whole thing now though... :)