29 March 2012

LBC Mother & Daughter Retreat

My good friend and serious supermom, Carla, invited Georgiana and I to join her and her three girls at Lakeside Bible Camp's Mother/Daughter Retreat. Before Carla's invite I had thought the retreat would be fun, in 6 or so years. I could not be more thankful that Carla reached out to invite us, because little did I know that my not even two year old would enjoy the weekend like crazy!!!

Here she is when we were loading up to go home. Her baby lost her shoes, she's sporting a yarn and button necklace her friends made her (she will tell you, "my friend necknu (necklace)").

We rode up with Carla and her girls, which made for a great trip. My non-car ride loving baby had zero complaints riding alongside these little ladies. Although Georgiana isn't smiling in this picture, I assure you, when she talks about camp, she cannot smile enough about "the girls."

Audrey(4), Georgiana(1), Laurel(4), Adele(3)
I also learned that my 1 year old LOVES craft time. Daily she points to her beautiful painted picture frame and says "Gigi made!"

This picture is absolutely a terrible one of me, it just is. I was SO tired, just pregnancy tired, but SO thankful to get to be up at camp. When I was trying to get Georgiana and I packed for the weekend, I just kept thinking, if I can just get us ready, Carla will drive and then up at camp I won't even have to cook for us, ha! It was great, and although you can't tell from the picture below, Georgie and I napped during free time and went about camp at a nice leisurely pace. We took a walk through the woods after this picture, and Georgie informed me the woods are "cute!"

Audrey & Georgiana

Stories in the cabin with Adele.

Exploring the rock climbing wall, I think Georgie is already dreaming of the day she will get to climb this!

By the time I was crawling into bed on the first night, I was planning our trip back up for family camp. Watching Georgiana play and have so much fun at camp made me realize super pregnant or not, we just have to come back for family camp this summer! Kelly couldn't agree more, so we are so excited to take our little fam up for the week. Please join us!!


anne said...

Sounds like so much fun! I love these sweet little pictures. Nothing like making another LBC fan, and at such an early age. :)

So, when are you guys going to family camp? I would love to see you when we're up there in August, doing TCL 2 again. That would be too much fun for my heart!

Drollingers said...

Well, I've planted the seed into JOhn's mind. It looks fun! BTW, there is not a picture in which you don't look beautiful. Rachel

e said...

this makes me SO happy. all you beautiful girls!! (yourself & carla included) let me know what camp you decide on & i'll salmon bake it! YEAH SUMMER!!

nmundell said...

I would love to know more about the family camp. I think it would be great for our little family! Can you provide more details or have Kelly tell Jeff more about it?? And, by the way, you look beautiful in that picture, tired or not! :)