13 April 2012

Baby Bump

I'm almost 19 weeks pregnant, and these pictures were taken a week ago, but I figured a little bit of an old picture is better than no picture. We've been busy as usual, a good busy though, the kind filled with adventures in our own backyard, celebrating Kelly officially turning the big 3-0, Easter egg hunting, family Bible reading (I LOVE the Jesus Storybook Bible). Kelly reads a story or pages from it each night, Georgiana loves to hold a Bible too, and she shares her English/Espanol Bible with me, it's pretty cute. We've also been sharing colds, and learning how to share toys, it can be tough.

At home, Georgiana talks non-stop, but I am still amazed at how quiet she can be when we are at a new place, it is seriously impressive! Little Georgie's been working, and loving it!! I kid you not, she eats it up, and it makes being on set with her so so so much fun. I only wish I could take someone with me each time to let him/her see Georgie in action, she's becoming more comfortable with the lights and sets and talks about 'work' all the time. Her only request is for daddy to come too. He came one day a couple of weeks ago and she loved having both of us there, it was like take your daddy to work day, and she was showing him the ropes, ha!

When she talks about daddy going to work, she makes a siren sound and twirls her finger in the air like the lights. She did this at the library story time the other day, and I thought I hope people don't think he went to jail! But, my aunt pointed out that when Georgie says "Daddy, woo woo woo," with her hand motions, it makes it look like daddy is crazy, not a criminal. Oh dear...

We find out next Wednesday if we are having a boy or girl! My guess is a boy, Kelly's convinced we are having a girl. With Georgiana we both wanted a girl SO bad, I was almost nervous for our ultrasound with her, this pregnancy, I can honestly say I will be equally excited either way. It's kind of a fun feeling :)

I'm going to try and upload more pictures, we will see if blogger wants to cooperate. Otherwise, have a wonderful day and get out and enjoy the sunshine!!


A to Z said...

Wow! You look great, Nicole! I don't even see a bump yet!!

christy said...

Thanks for the updates Nicole! Georgie is such a crack up. Can't wait to find out what #2 is!

Ashleigh said...

You are too adorable! And ya - what bump?!!?