13 April 2012


Holidays in the Smith house tend to be go go days, it always seems that leading up to it I get a little anxious that it is going to be too much, but in the end, I am always so thankful for the opportunity to spend time celebrating with those we love!

This year we made it to our church's early service and then stayed for the breakfast/fellowship time. We brought homemade blueberry muffins, which I made after dying eggs. Mental note, do not hard boil all of the eggs in the refrigerator if you plan on making muffins. Thankfully my sweet friend and neighbor Rachel came to the rescue!

After visiting at church, we headed home and some of our other neighbors asked if they could do a little impromptu egg hunt for Georgiana. After a quick diaper change, Georgiana, Kelly and I headed over to our neighbor's house and Georgie quickly caught on to finding eggs! She seemed confused at first why she would need to find more than one, she would show me the one in her hand and say "I have one!" I imagine that will change by next year :)

After that we headed inside, put Georgie in her sweats, ate some lunch, Kelly and Georgie went on an Easter basket hunt, Georgie literally gasped over her stickers, and then it was nap time.

Apparently Georgiana caught on that this was a busy day, because she napped for nearly 3 hours!!! That is about 3x as long as a normal Georgie girl nap. Next up, we headed to my Aunt Michelle and Uncle Roger's house (a little late, but with pies so it was okay :), we ate a super tasty ham dinner. Georgiana seems to share my love of black forest ham, another egg hunt, and play time with family. Watching Georgiana hunt for eggs in her Easter dress was just about the cutest thing ever. She would spot an egg, bend down to get it, but her dress would cover it up and she would say "where did it go???" She also wondered where her tummy went. Poor girl almost panicked when I changed her diaper and she couldn't find her tummy under all her dress layers. Thankfully, I was able to move her dress out of the way and she felt her belly button and said "oh good!" Phew, it was still there.

In between, before and after, Kelly and I enjoyed telling and trying to teach our tiny tot what Easter is all about. Georgiana made a playdough tomb with our neighbors on Friday, we read her story Bible, sang songs and just talked as a little family about Jesus dying for our sins and raising from the dead!! I love making Easter a big deal, with lots of celebrating, because it is a big deal, huge deal! What a wonderful day to celebrate Jesus' resurrection!


Me... said...

Love her to pieces! she's adorable :) her dress is so much like Madies :)
Glad you had a lovely day! thanks for posting about it.

anne said...

So stinking cute! Sound like you guys had a wonderful Easter.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure Georgie and Katherine Katherine had the same Easter dress...great taste, ladies. :)

Stefanie said...


Our growing family said...

love all of it! Your pics are adorable too!!
thinking and praying for you!