23 April 2012


I said "smile!" And, in every single picture Georgiana did this...

She was cracking herself up! The next picture is blurry, but you get an idea of her silly mood. She was dancing with her "shakers," they are like little egg rattles. She continues to very much enjoy her shoes, she insisted on wearing her new Keens with her dress today, I love her independence!
Sunday mornings are getting more and more fun. Georgiana is always excited to go to church, she loves to see her friends. She still gets a little sad when I drop her off at the nursery, but I hide outside the door to make sure she settles quickly. I love getting her ready, after I get her dressed she goes into my and Kelly's room and looks in our big mirror and says "pretty dress!"

After church yesterday, Georgiana and I got a "special treat lunch," aka McDonalds, and headed to the park. She played and played and played and then we went home for a 2 hour nap, yes both of us :)

After naps it was playing in the backyard, crazy hair, food smears on our face (bbq pork sandwiches, baked beans...), a family campfire and Georgiana mowing the lawn.

She takes her work very seriously!!

When we were sitting around the fire, Georgie started to get sleepy and she asked "Daddy, read Bible story?" Kelly and I looked at each other and our hearts just about exploded! He went and got Georgie's little Bibles and we read around the fire for just a few pages before heading up to take a bath. Life is far far from perfect. But, as far as sunny Sundays go, yesterday was pretty darn great.

Oh, and I leave you with a picture of Georgiana jumping onto Kelly.

She said "Daddy, watch Gigi(Georgie) do!"

Tonight, I met one of my longest and closest friends for dinner. Allie, her son Tristan (the definition of a sweet heart!) and I went and ate Mexican food and visited for hours. Allie is always so encouraging and fun and rejuvenating and and and, I could just go on. The perfect balance between reminiscing and catching up and looking toward the future. We are both pregnant, she is due just 4 weeks after me. I was driving home and I just thought to myself, everyone needs an Allie.

Love you friend!


Our Huckleberry Family said...

I'm so glad I have an Allie. And a NICOLE!

Stefanie said...

so sweet!! I love the shakers!

Allie Watson said...

So sweet. Georgie is so gorgeous. I love you friend. :)Can't wait till next time. And fyi, I have craved mexican food ever since.