27 April 2012

I think Jeff Foxworthy would be proud...

I never thought a family day would consist of lunch out and a trip to Cabellas. Yep, we loaded up in our suv and drove down to Cabellas, where shockingly there is a lot to look at! There are a ton of animals for Georgiana to see, unfortunately they are all stuffed. Which was a little weird, and I imagine would get even weirder as she is old enough to figure that out. Thankfully there is an aquarium filled with live fish, which I found to be far less creepy. The store is ginormous, and Kelly was thrilled to walk us through the entire thing. He and Georgiana have taken a daddy/daughter trip there before, and now I understand why. It is equally entertaining for them both. This trip was her first time playing the above pictured game. Take Kelly with you when you play a shooting game and you can play FOREVER off of two tokens. We ended up leaving our other two tokens at the game and left a spot filled with credits, some child was going to be extremely happy!
If you are ever in the need of buffalo or elk jerky, Cabellas is the place. I resisted the urge and didn't buy any.
On another meat note, we bought an 1/8th of an organic cow, and it has turned out to be the best meat I have ever had! We came into the deal last minute through some of Kelly's friends at work, I was a little hesitant. But, at only $2.67 a pound, we couldn't pass it up. We have everything from t-bone steaks to your regular ground beef. Oh, and soup bones. Yeah... not too sure what to do with those. I talked with my Grandma and she is going to make some broth or something, she is the best cook I know, so I am sure they are good for something. But, it takes a lot for me to touch raw meat, let alone wrapped up bones, so I am just going to leave those packages to the pros (aka Grandma).
Anyway, I stayed up way way too late. My little 6am alarm clock will be calling for me soon, so off to bed I finally go.