11 May 2012

Hey there Blog World,
Just a quick note to say hello. There's a lot going on in the Smith household and in our extended family. Without going into too many details, please keep my Grandparents in your prayers. My Grandpa/Papa's health has severly declined in the last week, after 4 days in the hospital he is home. My Grandma is his primary caregiver, but a lot of other help has come along, including Hospice Care. Please pray for comfort and peace for them both, for wisdom and strength for my Grandma, she is honestly the wisest and strongest woman I know, but I know she would appreciate the prayers. Or, please just pray how you feel lead. Sorry I don't have more info to share, the family is doing our best to make this a respectful time, keeping Papa's dignity and protecting the memory of the amazing man he is and has been his whole life. Plus, the doctor's don't really have a lot of answers, which makes it difficult to explain. I chose to post the above picture because in spite of the heavy hearts and sadness in my family, there is still much joy. Georgiana is a true blessing and ray of sunshine, her little heart is trying so hard to understand all that is going on. When Papa was still at the hospital, Georgiana told me... "I ask my Gaga (Grandma) take my Papa home." We are all so thankful that that request was able to be granted.
Thank you.
Ps Thank you Amazon.com for the cute pic. Georgiana asked the other day, "Mr. Philip take Gigi's picture?" Her little memory always always surprises me.
Pps On a much lighter note than the bulk of this post, the other day Georgiana put her baby doll in her kitchen oven. She told Kelly and I she was "cooking a baby." We were slightly disturbed and didn't make the connection until the next day I said, "Mommy's tired from cooking a..." and then it all clicked. Needless to say, I've started using other terms to talk about baby brother. I love how literal she is, so innocent and sincere. I said, "that sippy has your name all over it," she replied "where momma!?!"

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Our growing family said...

PRAYING!! So sorry for this difficult time! =(

ps...did I miss your announcement that you are having a boy??!!!

CONGRATS!!! =) Can't wait to hear of the names you are thinking of! =)
love ya!