05 July 2012

Hey there...
Well, we made it through yet another holiday. Pretty last minute, we ended up having a small get together at our house. We had heard our neighborhood got a little crazy on the 4th, this was our first year staying home since moving here, but it definitely lived up to the rumors. Kelly and our friend Brian put on quite a show, we ate lots and lots of food, roasted marshmallows and soaked up every ray of sunshine that we could.
The rest of the pictures were just hanging out on my camera, so I thought I would share :)
Georgie and Daddy.
"Daddy, tickle my toes!"
 Georgie was totally game for a belly pic, ha!
All her idea to join in on the fun.
I am 30 weeks in this picture. Almost coming down the home stretch, Praise the LORD!!
I am sore, gross, and just not the most chipper of preggers. Thankfully, my Georgiana Lee is a wonderful distraction and reminder that every ache is beyond worth it!
 Speaking of my little distraction, she is quite proud of her "new new backpack."
"Momma, where's my zebra?"
She's carrying around her own diapers and wipes, she was SO excited to bring her "zebra" to church last Sunday.
 My sister introduced us to Bountiful Baskets. Google it and go for it! It is a produce food co-op. Last week was our first time doing it, and I was shocked at the amount of food we got!
 I had to throw in a tippy toes shot!
 Helping Daddy paint baby brother's room.
 Eating an apple like a big girl in her very much too big 4th of July outfit. That's what I get for buying it a year in advance, ha!
 Practicing what became her signature move of the night.
 Practice makes perfect! The best was when she was covering her baby doll's ears. And, this morning almost as soon as she woke up, she asked if we were going to make more fire!?!
Hope you had a fun and safe holiday.
I'm off to bed!


Ashleigh said...

You are THE CUTEST preggers ever!! Love it!!

christy said...

Love that cute belly! You look great nicole (but I totally understand how you feel!) looks like you are having a great summer, :)

Stefanie said...

adorable, as always!!

CKSC said...

She is too cute! And so is her momma! Hang in there! The tail end is always the worst!! Hope you are doing as well as possible;) xoxo