27 July 2012

I'm finally taking a minute to unload pics from my camera to the computer, I want to make sure I have ample space to snap a few pictures tomorrow at Kelly's race! Kelly and our friend John are running a FIFTY mile race tomorrow. Not a typo. Craziness I tell you!
Kelly is so excited, and I am hoping and praying it will all go well :) A couple of weeks ago, we found out that he needs knee surgery (on his right knee this time), but according to the doctor, running this race will not further damage it... The doctor also let him know he should be prepared to stop if the pain gets too bad. My guess is Kelly will be crossing the finish line, even if he is crawling across! But, my prayer is that he will feel great (or as great as one can feel after running that distance)!
Other happenings include an ever growing to do list and the feeling that I have fewer hours in each day to check things off of said to do list. Georgiana's been working a lot, which has been fun, one shoot was on location at a private residence on Lake Washington. I pretty much felt like we were in a Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware catalog. You know a house is nice when you honestly find yourself thinking, wow, this is a nice paint job, ha!
Georgiana loves to talk to her baby brother. She frequently requests to talk to my tummy, her preference is bare belly, she likes to have her dolly's feel my tummy and she says "feel baby, can you feel him move?"
The other day she said she needed to tell baby something, so she leaned in close and said "motorcycles are loud!" She is very very much into motorcycles and trucks. Today she let me know she would like a big truck like our neighbors! Throughout the day she does about 10 million things that I think to myself, oh I want to remember that! Of course right now my brain is mush and it is way past my bedtime, so I'll jot them down and try to return at an hour that I function better at :)
For now, I will leave you with this pic...
When given the opportunity to pick out any princess, tutu, frilly dress at the Build a Bear store (at her cousin Macy's 1st birthday party), the one and only item Miss Georgiana Lee desired was the Spiderman costume. She LOVES it! He is sitting in her garage sale find high chair. She was thrilled to pieces when we saw this high chair/booster at our neighbor's garage sale, two of her best buddies have the same one, and she reminds us of it just about every time she or Spiderman climb into it. She also informed me that she would like a Spiderman costume of her own... with a yellow bow on top. This could be an entertaining October.

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