04 August 2012


This week we went on Georgiana's first camping trip!
Every year, our church goes camping and this was the first year we were able to make it out. We all had a blast and it was such a beautiful get away. We camped at Mayfield Lake, and Kelly and I kept saying how we couldn't believe we had never been there before!!
In addition to Georgie's first camping trip, she also went on her first boat ride! Thankfully, we remembered to stop at Cabella's on the way to pick up a life jacket. Georgie was sleeping, so Kelly circled the parking lot and I just ran in, I must admit I was thankful we didn't have to tour all of the stuffed animals...
Georgie is a big fan of Mr. Gordy, he let her drive the boat and she thought it was AMAZING! She was grinning from ear to ear and couldn't have been prouder of her skills!
Brian and Kea and their boys got there a day before us and were able to move our campsite next to theirs. Woo Hoo for good friends!! The sites were huge and it was so much fun to have room for the kids to play, they even all 3 went to bed early and the four of us adults were able to hang out around the campfire and gorge on mallows.

Below, is Kelly jumping from a rope swing. If you've been to Kipu Falls in Kauai, this was the NW version. Georgiana was in awe. She retells the story and is sure to mention, "Daddy didn't bonk his head!!" Poor girl was in a moment of panic when Daddy splashed into the water, when he came up, she said "he's back!!" She was quite chatty at my dr's appointment this week, she was cracking my doctor up with her play by play, as much as it startled her, after that I had quite a time keeping her sitting in the boat!! I really will be the boring Mom someday, taking pics from the boat while my whole little fam goes and plays Swiss Family Robinson. Oh well, at least it will be well documented :)
Because toes are only so tiny and cute for so long...
Daddy's Little Helper.
She took her jobs very serious and was eager to help with every aspect of camping, a girl on a mission!

Other than camping, we just put in a busy week. Thankfully much of what we were doing was fun and relaxing once we were there (ie camping), but it was a week where one thing literally ran into the next. My messy house and piles of laundry speak for themselves. It doesn't help that at just about 35 weeks pregnant, I move like a slug and have a to do list that is a bit long. I'm just trying to remember that after Georgiana was born I realized that I was still able to slowly but surely check things off the list. SO... if I don't have the whole house in perfect order, it's going to be okay. But let me tell you, nesting is no joke, it is almost a little consuming. Also, I am sure most Washingtonians are singing praises about the hot weather, but I cannot be more thankful for the mild summer we've had up until now. Right now, our AC units are working their pants off and I had to laugh at how I felt like I was wilting this afternoon in the backyard. Nothing a light dinner, family trip to Target and stop at DQ didn't fix. Love me some soft serve.
Oh, and I should mention, Kelly's 50 mile race went really really well! Of course I have pics, my need to blog list is ever growing, but I'll get to it, someday...

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