13 August 2012

FIFTY Miles & the Beach Boys!

I better just post these, or I  fear  this post may join the ever growing drafts portion of my behind the scenes blog! Including my baby shower and May Disneyland trip. What blogger goes to Disneyland and doesn't post a single picture... me, oops!!
Anyway, the first pics are from Kelly's White River 50 mile race and the last two are from Georgiana's first day at gymnastics (a few weeks ago).
Right now, Kelly and Georgiana are fast asleep in my and Kelly's room, with the ac blasting. Poor girl is a hot sleeper and was sweating up a storm in her room, so to our bed she came. I have reached the I am never really comfortable while sleeping stage, so I really don't mind having a little arm or foot in my face at night. Baby brother is kicking my ribs and using my bladder as a punching bag, and I am just telling myself to soak it up! Georgie will not want to cuddle with us forever, and regardless of how uncomfortable pregnancy is, it really is amazing. As Georgie would say, "Are you amazing mommy?" Translation "are you amazed?"
On another Georgie note, she is so literal it constantly cracks us up! We no longer say "I'm going to jump in the shower." She looks at us wide eyed and says "we no jump in the shower!! we walk in." Or, I couldn't figure out why she was pulling my hair, until she said, "I'm just going to pull your hair back, it doesn't hurt." I now say, I'm going to brush your hair...
She's decided this was not the year for soccer, poor girl just wasn't feeling it. Maybe next year or the next. I have to remember she's only two, we have a lot of time to try out different sports. She is LOVING gymnastics though! Kelly participates with her, and I watch from the bleachers, we all look forward to it. The first week, the warm up songs were to a Beach Boys song, complete with surfing and swimming moves. I, along with some of the other viewers, were quite entertained by Kelly's skills. One can imagine how enthusiastic he is. The more Georgiana laughs and plays along, the more into it he gets. Her smile is pretty much worth any amount of embarrassment, mine not his, he would gladly surf on a mat any day.
Okay, now for the race!
This was Kelly at the half way mark. So, pretty much at the end of a mostly uphill marathon. The race was equipped with aid stations about every 5 miles. Kelly has learned a ton the last few years about staying fueled up during a race, and I am so thankful he studied up before this one. During last years Ironman race, we thought literally every second counted, so he would rush through each station and not fully hydrate or eat enough. I'm sure every second counts when you are a pro and winning equals putting food on the table, but in our case, it was beneficial to the whole fam for Kelly to take say 2 or 3 minutes. Down some pb & j's, coca cola (weird I know!! we thought the same thing at the Ironman, but learned the hard way when Kelly's blood sugar was scary low by the end), he would catch his breath and then went on his way! 
And of course take a moment to greet his biggest littlest cheer leader!
Georgie's been asking when we can go watch daddy run again.
At one of the not very well marked check points, Georgiana was telling all of the runners, "this way runner-man!" Complete with hand motions of course! 
I asked Georgiana what she wanted her sign to say, "I love you Daddy!" At this point in the race, he had already passed us, but she held her little sign for all the runner-mans to see!
Below is a picture of our friends and neighbor's John and Rachel and their beautiful little ones, Andrew, Sierra and Brighton. John was a fellow runner with Kelly!
More friends came out to the finish line. As you can see, Georgiana didn't really nap that day, so she was not up for much visiting by the end of the day. If you ask her about it now though, she will talk like she was running around with all her friends :)
Here he comes!!
Finishing strong!
He started running like this to make us all laugh. It was funny to me because I knew that that isn't how he really runs, but I think a majority of the onlookers may have just thought Kelly was super determined and super awkward. Which... Kind of made it even more funny.
11 hours and 31 ish minutes. Running.
Georgie did not want daddy to touch her. "Mommy, we need to take daddy home so he can shower. He's all sweaty. Really really sweaty."
A mommy who was 30 something weeks pregnant, out in the middle of no where, a toddler with no nap, and a daddy who just ran 50 miles. We were one rummy crowd. But, we all 4 enjoyed it a ton!!
Along with our family of 4 (baby brother included) came my Grandma and Kelly's parents, it was a long day for all, but a great way to spend time together. I always say if you need a pick me up, go to the finish line of a race. Even if you don't know anyone, seriously, I almost cry for some of the people (even at races when I am not pregnant). Injured runners or people running the last little bit with their kids, or just about anyone, it's like watching a feel good movie, ha!
Georgie, I agree, Daddy definitely needed a shower...
Georgie girl eagerly waiting for her class to start!
She yells across the gym to me, "Mommy look, look mommy!!"
I'm going to go join those crazy two in my air conditioned room. I've sweat enough in Baby Levi's rocking chair. Did I just say Baby Levi!?! Yep, I did. I actually find it difficult to blog about him without saying his name, because around our house it is Baby Levi this Baby Levi that all day long. So, now if you didn't know, you know. Little Baby Levi Calvin will be making his appearance in just a few weeks time. It's looking like another c-section is in my near future, but I'm still praying that maybe he will just choose to come on his own! I am honestly in awe that women go into labor. We'll see...

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